How to Turn off Airpods Case – 2 Ways

This article discloses how to preserve battery life on AirPods. Directions apply to AirPods (first era), AirPods with remote charging case (second era), and AirPods Pro. However much we love utilizing Airpods in light of its smooth look and complete remote experience, one generally considers how to Turn off Airpods Case to monitor battery.

It is basically impossible that you can Connect AirPods to PS4 to save battery life. Apple has made Airpods with the point that they’re prepared to utilize at whatever point you really want them — without squeezing any on or off button or interfacing with your telephone. It is a result of this advancement Apple has given at any rate — equipment or programming — to turn them off totally when not being used.

In spite of the fact that, there are no actual buttons on AirPod or the it is feasible to Turn off Airpods Case and broaden their battery life. The simplest method for detaching your AirPods from your iOS gadget is to swipe up on your home screen and switch now and again the Bluetooth button. This will disengage your AirPods right away.

How to Turn off Airpods Case

Dissimilar to wired Earphones which can draw power from iPhone, Run on their own battery power and should be re-energized occasionally.

While AirPods get naturally stopped when you remove them from the ear, they are as yet turned ON and utilizing battery life.

Henceforth, we are giving under two distinct techniques to broaden the battery life of by turning them off, while they are not being utilized.

1. Enable Automatic Ear Detection

While they are not paying attention to music or digital recordings, most clients will generally eliminate Earphones and put them in some spot.

Be that as it may, eliminating from the ears just stops them and doesn’t turn them OFF totally.

Luckily, you can empower the ‘Ear-Detection’ highlight on iPhone to secure against loss of battery life because of this normal propensity.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on Bluetooth.

  • On the following screen, ensure Bluetooth is turned ON > look down to ‘My Devices’ segment and tap on the (I) symbol situated close to Your-AirPods.

Turn off Airpods Case

  • On the following screen, empower Automatic Ear Detection by moving the switch to ON position.

2. Configure Double Tap

Assuming you continually wear the entire day, you can arrange. The twofold tap component to turn AirPods OFF, when you twofold tap on them.

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth > tap on (I) symbol situated close to Your-AirPods.

Turn off Airpods Case

  • On the following screen, select either Left or the Right AirPod.

  • On the following screen, tap on the OFF choice.

Turn off Airpods Case

Later this, you will actually want to Turn OFF the Left AirPod by twofold tapping on it.

You Can’t Turn Off AirPods or Their Charging Case

We know. You’re in good company. Bunches of individuals puzzle over whether you can turn AirPod off to save battery life. Simply keep them from working when you would rather not use them.


Apple planned so that they’d forever be prepared. You should simply open their case, take out the AirPod, put them in your ears, and they work. No requirement for on/off buttons, no compelling reason to tap a lot of onscreen buttons to associate with your gadget.

Along these lines, Apple didn’t make a method for turning off. Assuming you could turn them off, you’d need to turn. Them on prior to utilizing them and you may place. Them in your ears just to discover they were turned off.

Thus, Apple didn’t make a way—either in equipment or programming. To turn off or shut down the AirPods or their charging case. There are, be that as it may, a couple of methods for preventing. From playing sound and for broadening their battery life.

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