Where to Find Trading Posts in Raft

Raft is an endurance game where players are floating on the ocean. They are Trading Posts in Raft will begin a little raft, drifting among the waves. With just a snare as their buddy, individuals need to rescue materials from the ocean and gradually fabricate their rafts to turn into a legitimate home.

Other than relying on ocean rescues and islands, Raft players can likewise find extraordinary things accessible at the Trading Post. This extravagant looking building must be tracked down in unambiguous spots, and obviously, they’ll likewise require unique monetary standards to exchange with. Tragically, despite the fact that there is by all accounts nobody guarding the stand, individuals will not have the option to strike the shop and get things free of charge. Apparently despite the fact that the world fell into extraordinary strife, trustworthiness is as yet a significant worth to maintain.

Raft is a cool experience game where you will investigate various parts while you are on this little raft. During your investigation, you will coincidentally find islands and find materials under the sea that will assist you with growing your raft and make it greater. You can exchange fish this game to get Trading Posts in Raft coins and get an ever increasing number of materials at the trading posts in this game!

In the new section of Raft, there are new things added to the game. There are new machines, Blueprints, Outfits, Characters, and considerably more. The new section likewise includes new recyclers and Trading Posts also which is extremely helpful for the players to get assets or sell them on the off chance that they don’t require them any longer.

Where to Find Trading Posts in Raft

The Trading posts are presently accessible in the game and they are currently on various islands of the game. You can find them on the new and past story islands of the game. In the event that you are following the part 3 story, you’ll find the trading post on the new snow island.

Trading post permits players to purchase various assets with Trash Cube and Trade Coin. In the event that you sell a thing on a trading post, you’ll get one Trade Coin. Thus, you can get a few Trade Coins for selling the things that you don’t need and afterward purchase the other helpful assets or things that you want.

The Trading post has 3 Tiers in total. Every level offers various sorts of assets, things, blueprints, and other stuff. Assuming that you trade things on the trading post, you’ll increase your Reputation. On the off chance that you arrive at a higher degree of notoriety, you’ll open the second level of Trading Posts in Raft. You’ll gain admittance to new things, same with level 3.

Level 1 offers the following things:

  • Straightforward Fishing Bait
  • Plastic
  • Board
  • Scrap
  • Bean stew
  • Turmeric
  • Recipe, Catfish Deluxe
  • Recipe, Redbeet Shot
  • Recipe, Salmon Salad
  • Recipe, Spicy Pineberry
  • Air Horn
  • Closet
  • Compass

Starting here on, as you progress significantly further into the game and open fresher islands, these Trading Posts in Raft will turn out to be more normal and permit you to exchange certain fish for trading materials and get better in Raft.

Level 2 offers the following things:

  • High level Fishing lure
  • Metal Ore
  • Copper
  • Dangerous God
  • Cave mushroom
  • Red Berries
  • Silver Blade
  • Juniper
  • Recipe, Hearty Stew
  • Spasm Tac-Toe
  • Establishment Counter
  • Sound horn
  • Blueprint: Advanced little Crop Plot
  • Blueprint: Advanced Medium Crop Plot
  • Blueprint: Advanced Large Crop Plot
  • Gourmet specialist’s cap
  • Mask Glasses
  • Mariner cap

Junk Cubes can be obtained by means of the Recycler. This thing can be made after players began the storyline by visiting the Radio Tower.

Trading Posts in Raft

Level 3 offers the following things:

  • Master Fishing Bait
  • Titanium Ore
  • High level Scarecrow
  • Ice chest
  • Long Draw Bridge
  • Short Draw Bridge
  • Surfboard
  • Viking Horn
  • Trading Post tape
  • Blueprint: Canteen
  • Blueprint: Detail Plank
  • Diving Helmet
  • Fishing Hat
  • Shades
  • Privateer cap

Whenever you’ve reached to this point in the game, you will begin unlocking blanketed islands and Trading Posts in Raft. On most frigid islands, you will see little wooden designs that have a clerk there.

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