Top 10 Strategic Agents To Make The Perfect Valorant Team

Are you looking for a way to take your gaming skills to the next level? Valorant is one of the most vibrant and fast-paced first-person shooter video games out there. It brings excitement, challenge, and competition – but mastering it can be tricky. In this blog post, we’ll present some of the best in-game agents that will help you become a proper rival in any closed battlefield! Whether you’re an online Gamer or have been around since Call Of Duty (COD), learning which characters are worth investing into should give you an edge against other players in Valorant. Similar to a Valorant coaching package, we’ll guide you through each agent’s unique abilities, strategies, strengths, and weaknesses so that together we can ensure your gaming experience is fantastic!

We’ll start by introducing the essential agents – Cypher, Breach, Omen, and Phoenix. They are all specialists in different aspects of the game, such as surveillance, crowd control, and direct conflict combat.

  1. Cypher

Cypher is a skilled tracker with a range of traps and gadgets to help him keep an eye on his opponents. He can place spy cameras at strategic locations all around the map so he knows where enemies are coming from before they reach him. He’s a recon agent that specializes in controlling areas from afar with his Trapwires, Spycam, and Cyber Cage abilities. His ultimate Neural Theft is also fantastic for gaining information on the other team’s current positions and items. His array of cyber cages can be used to block paths or slow enemies down until you’re ready to take them out!

  1. Breach

Breach is a master at manipulating terrain and using explosives to disrupt enemy plans. His signature skill Flux allows him to create a zone that can disable enemies’ abilities for a brief period of time. He can also use his Aftershock and Rolling Thunder skills to power up, setting off massive explosions that will send your enemies running. He’s a duelist agent that excels in creating chaos and confusion while pushing into enemy territory. His Flashpoint ability allows him to tear through walls, surprise enemies, and create opportunities for his team to gain an upper hand in fights.

  1. Omen

Omen is the stealthiest agent on the roster, with all kinds of tricks to surprise your opponents. His Dark Cover smokescreen ability provides complete invisibility, while Shadow Walk lets him move around undetected. With Omen’s ultimate Shadow Realm, you can even teleport across the map and appear where you least expect it! He’s a controller agent that excels at using his abilities to manipulate combat areas and opponents’ vision. His ability suite includes Dark Cover, which allows him to move quickly between multiple points on the map while using Shadows to keep enemies in check. His ultimate Paranoia deals damage over time and provides total blindness for its duration so you can easily escape or initiate surprise attacks against unsuspecting opponents.

  1. Phoenix

A notorious duelist with a wide array of unique abilities that can be used to control the battlefield and burn your opponents alive. Outfitted with explosive flashbang grenades, incendiary walls, and the ability to resurrect himself in the heat of battle, Phoenix is an invaluable asset for any team. He’s a versatile attack-oriented agent with an incendiary mindset. His ability suite includes Curveball, Hot Hands, and Run It Back, which allow him to disrupt enemy teams, take control of points, and lead his team to victory.

  1. Jett

She is inarguably one of the most mobile agents in the game with her Updraft and Tailwind abilities, allowing her to move quickly around the map while also dealing consistent damage. Her ultimate Cloudburst makes her extremely hard to pin down in fights as well as granting vision control on opponents that fail to dodge it or hide behind walls. Her Tailwind Ability gives her an extra “boost” when she moves while up-close with her Smoke ability, she can move undetected from the opponent’s sight. With her ultimate move, Updraft, you can launch yourself into the air and quickly reposition to be ahead of the enemy team.

  1. Sova

Sova is a great agent if you’re looking to outplay your enemies from long distances. His Shock Bolt and Owl Drone can give him vision control, allowing him always to be one step ahead of his opponents. His Recon bolt gives him a chance to scout for enemy positions. At the same time, his ultimate ability, the Hunter’s Fury, can be used to create some havoc and force enemies into unfavorable positions. He’s a recon agent that uses arrows from his bow to scout out enemies from afar and provide long-range assistance to your team with his Shock Bolt, Recon Bolt, Owl Drone, and Hunter’s Fury abilities. His ultimate ability allows him to launch up to three powerful shock drones outfitted with tracking and homing capabilities to ensure your opponents won’t know what hit them.

  1. Sage

She is the perfect defensive agent and the most common pick in pro Valorant games. Her healing, slowing, and wall abilities make her an invaluable part of any team composition. Her Slow Orb can slow enemies down, while her Healing Orb can restore health points and shields. Her ultimate Resurrection can be game-changing if used correctly, allowing teams to turn around a fight from certain death.

  1. Viper

Viper is a great offensive agent. She specializes in area control and crowd control, making her the perfect pick for entry-fragging or aggressive pushes. Her Toxic Screen ability can be used to slow down enemies while they take damage from her Poison Cloud, allowing your team to flank opponents more easily. Her ultimate ability Viper’s Pit, creates an impenetrable wall of poison gas that stops both enemies and allies.

  1. Reyna

Reyna is the ideal agent for players who like to get up close and personal. Her Leer ability can be used to disorient enemies from a distance, allowing you to control the battlefield more effectively. If things get too intense, her Devour ability allows her to replenish health points quickly to stay in the fight longer. Her ultimate move, Empress, gives Reyna an impressive set of abilities, including increased movement speed, reduced recoil on weapons, and bonus damage.

  1. Raze

One of the most versatile agents in Valorant is Raze. Her selection of abilities allows her to get close and personal with her opponents while also giving her enough control from a distance. Her Blast Pack and Boom Bot give her excellent mobility on the battlefield, allowing her to reposition or ambush unsuspecting targets quickly. Her ultimate ability, Showstopper, is an absolute game changer that can take out multiple enemies at once in seconds!


Remember, honing and refining your skills is the best way to become an elite-level Valorant player. Valorant brings excitement and challenge to the table; however, mastering the game requires dedication and strategy. Knowing which agents are best suited for your playstyle is essential if you want to become a true rival in any closed battlefield! We hope this blog post has been helpful in guiding you toward becoming the best Valorant player out there. Good luck!

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