The Best Striker Builds in Lost Ark

This article is about The Best Striker builds in Lost Ark. Looking for the best Striker work in Lost Ark? The agile Striker is one of the most portable classes in Lost Ark, zipping around the combat zone with his wide cluster of development abilities.

While his more modest AoEs can make for more slow leveling and Chaos Dungeon clears, his top-level versatility and great single objective harm make Striker an important DPS in an assortment of final stage PvE content. Furthermore, his capacity to outsmart enemies makes for brilliant PvP interactivity. On the off chance that you’re interested in the Striker however aren’t don’t know about where to begin, this guide will help.

The Best Striker builds in Lost Ark

The Best Striker Builds in Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s Awakening Classes rotate around their Identity Gauges and Skills. Striker shares the Esoteric Orbs measure with the Wardancer. Striking adversaries will fill your three Esoteric Orbs, seen between your expertise and thing hotbars. Dissimilar to other classes that utilization their character measure for a position switch or impermanent powerup, Striker can spend Orbs to project certain strong abilities from his main munititions stockpile.

While viewing your abilities (default keybind K), you will see a few abilities that cost at least one Esoteric Orbs to utilize. You might hear players allude to these Esoteric Skills as “spenders.” Your spenders are definitely more remarkable than ordinary abilities and are the way to Striker interactivity. It takes some training, yet when you get the hang of managing your Orbs you will dominate the combat zone.

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Best Lost Ark Striker assemble: leveling and abilities for PvE and PvP

Striker doesn’t have the monstrous AoE assaults of something like an Artillerist, however compensates for it with unrivaled portability. Use abilities like Moon Flash Kick to move around crowd packs and gathering them up. Then, finish them off with your high-roller abilities. The vast majority of Striker’s abilities have the Back Attack property as well, so utilize that portability to get behind managers and hotshot your prevalent single objective harm.


With regards to fighting AI-controlled foes, Strikers will need to utilize their mobility to bunch them and finish them off with Esoteric abilities. Everything your abilities can be evened out up to even out ten, and at levels four, seven, and ten, you can increase your abilities with Tripods. These can marginally adjust parts of an ability, or switch things up radically, meaning you should focus on these while leveling abilities, and attempt to get stands for the abilities you utilize the most.

Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist

While the Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist the entire fall under the flag of the Martial Artist class, they each proposition different playstyles that you should be comfortable with.

First off, the Scrapper utilizes two immense gloves and hits hard at short proximity. With a solid combination of assault, protection, versatility, and lasting power, they have the instruments for any experience that comes their direction.

The Best Striker builds in Lost Ark

Striker Raid Build – Deathblow Engraving

First up, is the Deathblow Striker Raid assemble. Nonetheless, the Striker has a couple of precarious mechanics, including a major drop off in harm in the event that you don’t land your capacities, as well as significant positional play to utilize the class’ back assault reward.

Here is a glance at an example Raid work for the Striker at 250 expertise points – basically a passage level 1 form. A few capacities and stands can be blended and matched where you see fit.

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