The Advantages of Clearing Microsoft SC-300 Exam

With the rise of the digital world, companies are now more vulnerable to new cyber threats. As a result, the majority of companies today are investing in database systems to safeguard and handle their valuable data more effectively. 

An Azure SQL database is among such systems available, constructed on the SQL Microsoft Server database engine’s latest stable version. Azure SQL Database takes care of most SQL maintenance tasks like upgrading, backups, patching, and monitoring. Hence, to deal with this database effectively, you must have technical skills to use Azure Active Directory . For this, you must take the Microsoft SC-300 certification exam that also earns you the Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate certification.

If you wish to be compatible in today’s IT-driven world or you are interested in leveraging your credibility in the job, you must consider taking the SC-300 exam. To know more, read on!

What is the SC-300 exam about?

Exam SC-300 assesses an applicant’s ability to do technical activities such as creating an identity management solution, getting access management for apps, designing and executing an identity governance strategy, etc. 

Before you appear in the exam, ensure that you have the proficiency in:

  • Applying a solution related to identity management
  • Implementing an access & authentication solution
  • Performing access management for apps
  • Applying an identity governance strategy

So, if you still wonder about the benefits of taking this Microsoft exam, so here they are.

Benefits of passing the SC-300 exam:

The following are some of the primary advantages of being Identity and Access Administrator Associate certified that will ensure a successful career for its holder.

  • Proof Of Competence:

The applicant will earn the title of Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate after completing the SC-300 exam. Having this title on your resume would make you more appealing to the companies. For instance, when you appear for an interview at an IT company as a certified applicant, you will have a professional edge over other applicants without it. As a result, you will increase your chances of being hired. You can easily get appointed to Administrator, Identity And Access Administrator, or Security Engineer positions. Also, it’s a great reason for your career boost in the company you are working in, especially when the competition is fierce. 

  • A better understanding of technology:

With every passing day, the realm of technology advances. Taking the SC-300 test enables you to understand numerous technologies and systems thoroughly. In addition, it elevates you to a more respected professional than an IT worker without this badge. Once you qualify, you will have a broader set of skills and a collection of review resources to refresh your knowledge. For instance, after completing this course, students will become capable to:

  • Operate Azure Active Directory roles;
  • Apply and manage Single Sign-On;
  • Control authentication methods 
  • Apply app authorization
  • Manage and monitor licenses for access reviews
  • Increased return on the investment made:

The Microsoft SC-300 exam would cost you USD 165 to become more efficient, faster, talented, and educated once cleared. However, this investment yields a higher return; it’s worth it. You become skilled enough to complete more work in less time, which minimizes the amount of downtime required by the company while correcting systems or other issues, and so enhances productivity.

  • Boosts your Value:

Compared to non-certified professional competitors, a certified IT employee is believed to be 30% more valuable to the organization, usually reflected in his perquisites, compensation package, and other ancillary perks. For instance, according to the Ziprecruiter website, a Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator earns from $54,000 to $174,000 per annum. So, there’s place to grow your skills.


Taking the Microsoft SC-300 test and earning the Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate is one of the finest ways to leverage your credibility in the IT world. Knowing the advantages of passing this test can keep you motivated and help you reach your goal. So now is the time to register for the exam. Good luck!


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