The 5 Biggest Slot Wins of All Time

Playing slots, whether online or offline, is preferred by customers for multiple reasons. Not only are their layouts extremely intuitive, but any gambler is eligible to win great prizes. All that you need to do is to spin it and wait for it. The gambling history is rich in rises and falls, but success stories often seem more motivational and inspirational. After becoming a pro punter on free slot machines, multiple users transfer their effort to the real money gaming market.

It would be an exaggeration to say that the major part of victories happens either offline or online. At the moment, despite internet-based services gain momentum, their physical substitutions don’t lag behind. The following list of prominent happy endings with mammoth prizes will only prove that. Stay tuned to check out for more detail!

How to Win Slot Machine Gambling

Before diving deeper into the topic, the initial task is to actually understand what can stand behind the gamblers who have managed to scope hundreds and millions of US dollars at their bankroll. Take a look at the table below.

RTP This percentage signifies what amount of money is likely to be returned back the player after wagering. The maximum figure is 100%, but there is no machine of this type. Offline slots have less favorable conditions from this perspective and offer a range from fifty to seventy/eighty percent. Of course, exceptions can take place. The majority of online slots are extremely up-market, possessing an RTP of up to 99.9%. The bottom values aren’t drastically worse and are within eighty-ninety percent.
Volatility This parameter isn’t less important than the return to punter. With low volatility machines, the victorious sums are small while the chances to succeed are pretty high. In turn, high volatility slots are way more rewarding yer riskier in terms of monetary resources. Big awards are available, but the odds for them aren’t that appealing.
Reels The variety of games online and offline differs significantly. The production of the physical machine is a little restricted for providers, making them focus on classic decisions more. The typical layout of three reals is widespread, but there are also more modified versions. In the online medium, there are samples, where the overall grid includes a couple of slot sections with five-reel platforms each. Usually, a bigger number of reels makes the game more captivating, demanding, and rewarding in the long run.
Paylines The number of paylines varies and isn’t predetermined by the gambling medium. Land-based slots can have sixty paylines, while some online versions are extremely simple and possess around ten of them. The rule of thumb is clear: the more, the marrier.
Jackpot Apart from the minimum and maximum wagering requirements, you should pay attention to what top prize is possible at all. In several cases, developers of slot machines mention how much the initial stake can be increased. This figure can be hundreds and thousands of times bigger.


As you see, the quality of a target slot machine makes a difference and a challenge simultaneously. Keep on reading this article to find out about the most luxurious and tempting slot machine victories.

The Biggest Jackpot Winner

This record was hit back in 2003 (more exactly, on March 21). So far, it has remained the most luxurious and prominent success of solo playing on slot machines within the online and offline gambling market. The name of the lucky one is unknown since the person didn’t have the desire to reveal their identity back then. However, there are several witnesses and notes on other players’ accounts about such a huge victory — slightly less than forty million US dollars. The record was set with the help of the Megabucks slot machine. The only thing about the winner people are aware of is that he comes from Los Angeles and worked as a software programmer at the moment. If you desire to test your own luck and discover whether it is possible to bear this record, you will need to visit the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in person.

The pioneer slot engine of this kind possessed only one payline and three reels. With the advancement in technological progress, you can come across versions with five reels and sixty paylines. Although the successful slot design is presented only in land-based casinos, it doesn’t reduce its popularity — according to some data, over twenty gamblers have managed to become multi-millionaires spinning the Megabucks slot:

  • It is a greatly balanced solution between low-profile offline machines and online rivals, having an RTP of 88.6%.
  • You don’t have an opportunity to adjust the paylines or activate the autoplay function, but the medium volatility and sixty paylines are great alternative features.
  • With progressive payouts, the minimum betting range starts with one dollar. The opposite restriction isn’t significantly higher — it is just three times bigger.

Before trying machines, the pool of which starts at the rate of ten million US dollars or even less magnificent alternatives, it won’t be extra to get adapted to different playing interfaces and come up with your own winning strategies via free spins slot machines — self-education is in vogue.

Second Place: Cynthia Jay Brennan

Another huge suggestion on the list is related to the performance of the Megabucks slot. The location was different though. This event took place three years earlier but enabled the thirty-seven-year-old lady to raise capital right away. She worked as a cocktail waitress and caught her lucky start in Desert Inn. The mammoth prize the lady received was thirty-five million US dollars. Without slots free spins, this massive pool was still possible.

Getting acquainted with such stories lets interested parties understand and value the received prizes more. It is not just about cash you can spend on anything you would like. Without the right financial approach, your luck will promptly turn out to be a misfortune. In the case of Brennan, white stripes never go without black ones. Unfortunately, she experienced both the upsides and downsides of good fortune when she was injured and paralyzed because of the car incident — a drunken motorist hit her on a road. People’s destinies are truly unpredictable: this emergency happened just a couple of weeks after she won one of the greatest prizes of prepaid and free spins slots win real money. These millions of dollars significantly aided her recuperation and physical treatment.

Bronze Medals

Gambling is successful not only when you wager in land-based slots. The following premium cases of luck show that both mediums are extremely functional when it comes to prepaid or free online slot machines that pay real money:

  • One of the pioneer wins happened back in 1998. What is more important, there is one feature that unites this sample with many others — participants didn’t wager a lot. A lucky one spent three thousand dollars and increased his return pool to the rate of over twenty-seven million dollars. To feel the vibe of that victory, consider checking the options at the Palace Station Casino.
  • Unlike the aforementioned cases, where the Megabucks slot machines were at reign, this event happened online at Back in 2013, it was one of the most successful and leading online gambling platforms. With the Mega Fortune machine, a mammoth prize of almost eighteen million euros was achieved.
  • The Megabucks slots enabled numerous fans of this entertainment to become multimillionaires, and the player’s age or occupation doesn’t predetermine your adventure. In 2002, a senior lady received bombing twenty-two million US dollars at her disposal. The initial stake of Johanna Heundl was pretty low — just one hundred seventy dollars.

Wrap It Up

All in all, slots offer a lot of features that cater to the target interests of many users. With free online casino bonus slot machines, it is as simple as ABC to get prepared for challenging rounds for real money and hit your next jackpot on the line. The list of impressive wins can be prolonged further, but the key thing to realize is that relying on luck only has a small percentage of success.

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