How to Find Thaniel’s Shadow in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3 – Ultimate Guide

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the journey “Thaniel’s Shadow” involves uncovering a strange figure’s character and unraveling their mysteries. This guide will walk you through the most common way of finding Thaniel’s Shadow, from identifying the right area to dealing with difficulties and at last discovering reality behind this confounding person.

How to Find Thaniel’s Shadow in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3

Step One: Finding the Right Area

Begin the Journey: Initiate the mission “Thaniel’s Shadow” by speaking to pertinent NPCs or interacting with mission related things.

Gather Information: Converse with NPCs in the area or investigate your surroundings to gather hints about Thaniel’s Shadow’s expected whereabouts.

Access Mission Diary: Utilize your journey diary to survey the information you’ve gathered and determine the overall area where Thaniel’s Shadow may be found.

Step Two: Going to the Right Place with impeccable timing

Follow Hints: Utilize the information you’ve gathered to distinguish where Thaniel’s Shadow could show up.

Time Your Appearance: Focus on whether there’s a particular time of day or certain circumstances that should be met for Thaniel’s Shadow to show up.

Step Three: Dealing with the Guardian

Be Ready: As you approach the area, be prepared to confront any difficulties or hindrances that could emerge.

Participate in Battle: On the off chance that there is a guardian or foe protecting Thaniel’s Shadow, you could have to overcome them to continue.

Step Four: Following the Trail

Investigate: Examine the area for any pieces of information or hints that could lead you nearer to Thaniel’s Shadow.

Follow the Trail: In the event that there’s a trail or way to follow, do so cautiously, paying regard for any markers or signs left by Thaniel’s Shadow.

Step Five: Discovering the Shadow

Notice: Whenever you’ve followed the trail or hints, you could experience Thaniel’s Shadow in a particular area.

Participate in Exchange: Initiate a discussion with Thaniel’s Shadow to more deeply study their personality and the reason for their activities.

How to Find Thaniel’s Shadow in BG3 Baldur’s Gate 3


Finding Thaniel’s Shadow in Baldur’s Gate 3 is an engaging mission that requires cautious perception, investigation, and sometimes battle abilities. By following the steps outlined in this aide, you can navigate the journey’s difficulties and reveal reality behind this secretive person. As you progress through the mission, drench yourself in the story, draw in with the NPCs, and settle on decisions that shape your personality’s process in the captivating universe of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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