How to Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite

Whenever players initial leap into Season 6, probably the greatest change they’ll see – aside from weapon crafting and new map locations – is that animals like Wolves and Boars currently roam across the wild areas of The Island. A portion of these animals like Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite will essentially continue on ahead, however the more awful predators like Wolves and Boars will attack you as soon as they see you, adding a totally different threat to the popular battle royale game.

Incredible Games has added crafting to the game as well as new untamed life that can be killed or even Agr And Agl on Fortnite assuming that you know how to do as such. The wolves specifically were straightforwardly teased in the single-player in-game occasion that starts slow time of year 6.

The strategy for doing so is extremely easy, although it will involve killing an animal – and potentially a spot of cannibalism on the off chance that the one you kill is a wolf. Whenever you’ve Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite it will pursue you around the map and shield you from different animals and players. You can have each in turn yet you can repeat the cycle to swap in another assuming you want.

Fortnite season 6 has introduced a lot of wild animals in with the general mish-mash, either as enemies you can defeat for assets, or as potential companions to tame. Boss among these are the wolves, which are easily the most threatening of the pack. On the off chance that you manage to tame a wolf, it can definitely help in a battle, yet you certainly don’t want to be on the receiving end.

How to Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite

Taming boars in Fortnite is somewhat more troublesome than taming Wolves or Chickens. While Wolves can be taken care of animal meat to distract them and Chickens can just be gotten, you can’t do both of those with Boars.

This is the way to Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite:

  • Get natural product or vegetables from a farm.
  • Find a Boar in the wild areas of The Island.
  • Toss the organic product or vegetables down near the Boar, yet don’t allow it to see you.
  • While the Boar is distracted, sneak up on it.
  • Press and hold the command button to ‘tame’ the Boar.

Boars aren’t as fast and will not cause as much harm as Wolves, however you actually need to stay on high alert as they can gradually trim down your health if you don’t watch out.

Where to find Boars in Fortnite

While Wolves appear to be quite hard to go over on The Island, probably because they stay together in packs, Boars are far more normal. As well as roaming lush areas, you can find them on farms.

One location that always appears to spawn Boars is another POI called Colossal Crops. It’s located east of The Spire at the focal point of the map, and there’s a fenced-off pen where Boars can usually be found.

How to tame a wolf: Step 1

To Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite, you’ll have to give it a treat. What do wolves like? Meat, obviously.

Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite

You can obtain meat by killing any animal, like a boar or a chicken. When that animal is dead, it’ll drop a major hunk of meat for you to toss into your inventory. You ought to just need one, yet on the off chance that various are available, it doesn’t damage to play it safe.

How to tame a wolf: Step 2

The subsequent stage is to actually find a wolf. Wolves will quite often travel in packs, so make sure you’re not stumbling into a death trap. Occasionally, you’ll find an independent person. The two packs and solo wolves will quite often hang around lush areas, particularly mountains. All animals will wander around the map, however, so discovering some in strange areas is not outside the realm of possibilities. Truly, it can kind of be a crapshoot at times. I’ve gone whole matches without seeing one wolf.

Whenever you’ve tracked down a wolf, toss the meat down on the ground before them. Assuming they notice it, blue waves will appear over the wolf’s head.

As soon as the wolf starts eating the meat, approach. It and interact with it when the brief Tame a Werewolf in Fortnite.

Your wolf will currently follow you across the map and into combat. Animals move somewhat more slow than players will. Their attack is similarly a piece slow, so they’re not the best tool of obliteration. Wolves can also bite the dust assuming their own health bar is exhausted.

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