How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller? | Step by Step Guide

This article discloses how to dismantle a Take Apart Xbox One Controller assuming it needs fixes, remembering expected tangles and concentrated devices you’ll require. Xbox One are by and large acknowledged as one of the best computer game controllers around, yet they actually separate every once in a while.

We put the Xbox One controller through a ton. Viable with a few gadgets (especially PCs) just as the Xbox One, this controller gets banged, dropped, and dirty. Hours Played on PS4, sweat, food, and other waste can be found over the surface and in little hiding spots.

Then, at that point, there’s issues with the input engines, fastens, and thumb sticks. To put it plainly, your Xbox One controller needs taking care of. To do this, you really want to know how to dismantle the controller, clean it, fix it, and reassemble it.

You may frequently encounter badly arranged things like a stuck joystick or uncontrollable d-cushion on your Xbox One controller. This is generally where you begin to consider how to Take Apart Xbox One Controller to fix it with the goal that you can partake in your games like regular. So to dismantle a Xbox One either to fix or clean the stick, this is the way you can go with regards to it rapidly and without any problem.

It is exceptionally regular and disturbing that one of your controls stalled out or quits working. More often than not, it is the D-Pad causing the issue. Also sending the Xbox One back to the Customer support for fixing/substitution will set aside time.

How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller

Before you can dismantle your Xbox One controller, observe a spotless and clear work area that is sufficiently bright. You will likewise have to get the accompanying devices assuming that you don’t as of now have them:

  • T-8 security Torx
  • Prying instrument
  • Devices for dismantling a Xbox One

You can utilize a Torx bit in a driver or with an attachment wrench, or utilize a devoted Torx driver, however it must be a T-8 wellbeing Torx. You can differentiate between a standard Torx and a security Torx by the little opening found in the tip of a wellbeing Take Apart Xbox One Controller. Without this little opening, an ordinary T-8 Torx won’t squeeze into the Xbox One controller screws.

For the inquisitive device, you can utilize anything that is adequately slim to fit inside the hole between the controller lodging and the end covers. Attempt to utilize a plastic apparatus on the off chance that conceivable to abstain from harming the lodging of your controller.

Four Reasons to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller

Your Xbox One controller gets a ton of activity. Therefore, it should be routinely kept up with. Past sometimes cleaning the buttons off, you presumably don’t do this.

Be that as it may, support to guarantee long haul execution from the controller requires you really want to know how to securely dismantle the Xbox. This may be to:

  • Fix or supplant a thumbstick
  • Fix or supplant a button or trigger
  • Actually look at battery associations
  • Clean any soil that has gathered around the controls

Continue to peruse to figure out how to open your controller for cleaning and fixes. Note that these means are explicitly for Microsoft-created Take Apart Xbox One Controller rather than later or outsider gadgets. Assuming that you host a third-get-together Xbox One controller, these regularly highlight eight screws than can be taken out with a little Philips screwdriver.

Having said that, you can utilize this manual for open an original Xbox Series X/S controller.

What You Will Need to Disassemble Your Xbox One

Opening a Xbox One controller isn’t quite so natural as airing out an old radio. You can’t utilize standard screwdrivers to get inside a controller. All things considered, you’ll need a Torx screwdriver- – – and that is not all:

  • Torx screwdriver (T8 or T9, contingent upon controller model)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Plastic prying apparatuses (guitar plectrum/pick is a decent substitute)
  • Plastic spudger or expendable blade

Try not to have every one of the instruments expected to get sufficiently close to your Xbox One inside? Stress not- – – different Xbox One controller toolboxs can be purchased on the web.

How to Take Apart a Microsoft Xbox One Controller

The cycle for opening the Xbox One is clear with the right apparatuses.

  • Eliminate the battery cover and any batteries
  • Eliminate the grasp plastic
  • Unscrew the five Torx screws
  • Lift the back cover from the controller
  • Lift the internals away from the front belt

Beneath we’ll go through the means in more detail. Note that opening an original Apart Controller follows a similar technique.

How to Open the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S Controller

Prior to continuing, guarantee your Xbox One is fueled off. Place it on a table or comparable hard surface with the instruments inside simple reach.

Follow these means to open the Xbox One controller.

  • Eliminate the way to the battery compartment and put it away.
  • Eliminate the batteries, saving them for some other time.
  • Utilizing the plectrum or spudger, isolate the plastic boards on the rear of the controller’s “handles” where the controller sits in your grasp. This can take some time, so take as much time as necessary persistently squirming the plectrum along each edge to unclip them.

Apart Xbox One Controller

  • With the controller face down, unscrew the five Torx screws. You’ll track down two on the left, two on the right, and one more underneath the mark in the battery compartment. Set the screws to the side securely for some other time.

  • The back board should now just takeoff.
  • You would now be able to lift out the fundamental controller. Notice how this is an auxiliary plastic case, which houses a couple of PCBs (printed circuit sheets).

Apart Xbox One Controller

  • At this stage you would now be able to supplant thumbsticks, D-cushion, and different buttons in the event that you’re anticipating some customizations.
  • Further dismantling at this stage requires some gadgets information so don’t continue assuming you’re unpracticed with PCBs and electrical components (see underneath).

Reassemble an Xbox One Controller

At the point when you’re fulfilled the Take Apart Xbox One Controller is prepared to utilize once more, essentially adhere to the directions above in converse to reassemble the gadget.

Regardless of whether you’ve cleaned it or made a maintenance, once reassembled your ought to be functioning as would be expected by and by. If not, think about purchasing a substitution controller, or taking a gander at other investigating steps.

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