How to Take a Xbox One Controller Apart

If you want to disassemble a Xbox controller to attempt to fix a stuck joystick or rowdy d-pad, this is the way you can go about it rapidly and easily. This article explains how to Take a Xbox One Controller Apart assuming it needs repairs, remembering potential snags and specialized tools you’ll require. Xbox One controllers are generally accepted as one of the best computer game controllers around, however they actually break down occasionally.

There are a couple of screws on the back of the Connect My Xbox Controller To My iPhone iOS 14 that should be eliminated. Whenever they are eliminated, the back panel can be tenderly pulled off. There are more screws that keep the controller intact internally, and these can be taken out by delicately prying them out with a screwdriver.

It tends to be tough to track down the correct way to fix your Take a Xbox One Controller Apart. Dislike you can run into a store and purchase another. So what are your choices? You could attempt to sort out some way to repair it all alone, or you could take it apart completely and check whether that fixes the issue.

How to Take a Xbox One Controller Apart

  • Consider running on a tray to save you screws or various components from falling at the ground or getting lost.
  • Take the orange pry gadget out of your gadget unit.
  • Slide the pry gadget among the plastic seam at the grasps as shown.

  • Switch the grasp far from the standard controller body. Note that there’s additionally adhesive maintaining it in location underneath the plastic, so don’t be scared of making utilization of a couple of power.
  • Yet again repeat this for each holds.
  • Then, we will dispose of the screws. When the screws are eliminated, your Xbox controller will come aside like a sandwich. Be extraordinarily cautious because of the fact in case you pull it aside too hard, you can harm the cable that associates the battery to the hardware.

Take a Xbox One Controller Apart

  • Track down your T8 screwdriver from your unit, and start eliminating the five security screws as shown. Note that one of the screws is taken cover behind the sticker in your battery lodging.


Before you can take apart your controller, you want to understand what tools you’ll require. You will require a Phillips head screwdriver, spudger, and wire cutters.

In the first place, eliminate the battery pack from the back with the wire cutters. Take out the screws on the left half of the gadget with the Philips head screwdriver. Take out all of them Take a Xbox One Controller Apart. Then, with your spudger or flathead screwdriver, pop off the clasps on top of one or the other side of the controller by sliding in the middle between where they are stuck to the body of the controller. Then utilize your Phillips head screwdriver to eliminate all of the screws that are under them with their comparing cuts.

When all of these are eliminated, you ought to have the option to take off the two controllers in inverse bearings without a moment’s delay. The top half ought to fall off first and then you can eliminate the bottom half.

Fixing The Parts

The most important phase in fixing your Xbox One controller is to recognize what should be fixed. In the event that the buttons aren’t working, you really want to take apart. The controller and make sure that none of the buttons are stuck or broken.

On the off chance that one of the triggers (the parts on the back of the controller) isn’t working. You’ll have to open up and make sure nothing is obstructing them.

In the event that there’s a free wire or something, you’ll have to eliminate it from inside the control center and reconnect it.

On the off chance that your Xbox One isn’t answering, then you may have a power issue with your control center – this is an easy fix in the event that you’re knowledgeable about hardware.

How To Put It All Back Together

You’ve presently effectively taken apart your Xbox One controller. The last step is assembling everything back.

Take a Xbox One Controller Apart

The Xbox One controller has one or two pieces. The greatest piece is the body of the controller, which incorporates the main buttons and joysticks. As well as the D-pad (which can be taken out). The second-largest part is the thumb stick module, which incorporates. The two thumb sticks and triggers. As well as any shoulder buttons you could have on one or the other side. Finally, there are the power pack and headphone jack modules, which simply should be connected.

Since it has become so undeniably obvious how to Take a Xbox One Controller Apart and set up everything back again. You can save yourself some time and money by repairing your own controller instead of purchasing. Another one each time something turns out badly.


Not exclusively is the Xbox One controller a great controller for gaming. It can also be taken apart and fixed manually. This guide will help you take apart and set up back your Take a Xbox One Controller Apart in a matter of moments.

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