Where To Get A Sunken Bone in Grounded

Sunken Bone (Node)s are Asset Hubs tracked down in the Lake Profundities. They can be harvested with a digging tool to get Sunken Bone in Grounded, being the best way to harvest them in mass. They are very rare after a first or second outing down to them. Being a survival game, Grounded has players spending a significant amount of time scavenging for assets to endure the frightfulness that is giant bugs. One such asset is the Sunken Bone, which is an important part of underwater hardware. In this way, we will explain where to find it so you can endure the backyard!

One of Clay in Grounded rarest assets are its Sunken Bones, which are shards of the bones of a creature that used to live in the Backyard’s Koi Lake. These things are required in request to craft some important mid-game gear, yet they’re hard to find on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea where to search for them (and what to search for).

On the off chance that you don’t know where to start your search for Sunken Bones, stress not. We’ve created a total aide that goes over everything you really want to be familiar with finding Sunken Bones, including where they’re located, how to obtain them, and what they’re utilized for.

In Grounded you frequently need the assets Sunken Bone in Grounded to areas of strength for fabricate, weapons and late-game gear. However, finding these two assets is troublesome and sets you facing dangerous beasts. Guided.news shows you where to find sunken bones and fish scales in Grounded.

Get a Sunken Bone in Grounded

Sunken Bone in Grounded can be tracked down in one of two ways, Covered Treasure and the other by finding it in World as a Hub. The Lost Treasure course is a one-time thing so you can get a great deal of it initially yet you will not have the option to sustain it. One Lost Treasure that we found is in the Sandbox part of the Backyard. Look at our aides on How to Get into the Sandbox and How to Get on the Outdoor Table in Grounded for more information. The alternate way of getting Sunken Bones is by finding its Hubs.

The Locations where you can find Sunken Bone in Grounded are Lake Profundities, Lake Lab, and Turbine Station. You can easily find a ton of it at the bottom of the Lake where the T-Rex toy is at. You can also find Koi Fish Scales here. Make sure that you are exceptional for a profound water plunge as the bottom of the Lake is extremely far. Get loads of it to craft the following things:

  • Bone Dagger
  • Bone Spear
  • Bubble Head protector
  • Koi Scale Chestplate
  • Koi Scale Greaves

This was all about how to Get a Sunken Bone in Grounded. Ideally, this guide has helped you. You can also look at our different aides like How to Peep a Creature in Grounded.

What are Sunken Bones utilized for in Grounded?

Sunken Bone in Grounded

The main use for Sunken Bones is to create the Air pocket Protective cap, which is an extremely valuable headwear thing that increases your underwater oxygen clock from 80 seconds to 160, doubling the period of time you can spend underwater prior to needing to return up to the surface. Thus, this thing is an unquestionable necessity for completely exploring the Koi Lake. The cap takes five Sunken Bones, four Eelgrass Strands, and four Silk Ropes to create.

Sunken Bones are also a center crafting part for the Sunken Bone in Grounded, including the cap, chestplate, and greaves. At the point when all three pieces are crafted and worn, they furnish you with a set reward called Dazzling Riposte that works on the damage of your next attack after you Wonderful Block an incoming attack. This makes the armor worth chasing for people certain about their Ideal Blocking abilities.

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