Stray Control Room: How To Get In & What To Do

Get In & What To Do in Stray Control Room Featuring 12 chapters of powerful cat adventures as you progress to find out. The control room is the last chapter when the orange tabs and B-12 approach the outside. If you take the subway and take the train, you will reach the control room. Here, B-12 reveals the end of his core memories. However, there are some things to do before you go out.

So here is a guide on how to get into Stray’s control room and what to do. If you and B-12 bypass security and enter the control room, all of B-12’s core memory will be unlocked. This creates a cutscene that explains more about the plague and what happened to humanity.

You will find a large computer covered with a long plate. You have to push down the plate to destroy it and interact with the machine. From the control panel, go to the right to find the last major computer. The wiring is at the top. So jump on a big computer and climb up to talk. You can see that carving B-12 is a little heavy.

Stray Control Room: How To Get In & What To Do

Stray Control Room: How To Get In & What To Do

After escaping the prison at the end of Chapter 11, Stray players face the final hurdle. The Pacifist Trophy in Stray It’s a control room. Packed with tech gadgets and gizmos, this futuristic facility is now the only one standing between them and the outside world, but there are a few ways to finally open the door to get there. It’s not enough to just press the button.

The player must first understand how to enter the control room and then work with the B-12 to open the door to the outside world. In Chapter 12 of Stray, B-12 remembers the end of 27 memories. This is automatically triggered when the player opens the control room door.

When Stray Chapter 12 begins, players must get off the train, go up the escalator to the top floor and turn left. There are some robots that talk along the way, but there’s not much to say, except with a little extra knowledge. Eventually, the player will come to a large glass door leading to the control room.

Stray Control Room: How To Get In & What To Do

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