How to Stop Fans in High on Life

High On Life is a game that follows the Metroidvania tradition, which means it has many secrets that can only be accessed by unlocking new abilities or obtaining Stop Fans in High on Life. These allow you to return to earlier levels and reach areas that were previously inaccessible, including those blocked by fans.

The game is filled with collectibles and currency hidden in hard-to-reach chests called Lugloxes. The clever design of High On Life is reminiscent of classic Metroidvania games, where players are encouraged to upgrade their equipment through story progression in order to overcome obstacles that were previously insurmountable.

As you play through this intergalactic adventure as a high school graduate bounty hunter, you may encounter spinning fans that block your progress. However, don’t worry, there is a way to defeat them, though it involves a boss fight. This guide will show you how to stop the fans in Voices Knifey High On Life.

At this point in the game, the player has no doubt seen a fair amount of spinning fans that appear to hold Lugloxes or other treasures behind their harmful blades. Passing through them is not exactly a hard task, but it does require a specific story beat that opens the door to a wide array of new opportunities.

Earth’s last hope. It’s a dire state of affairs, but an intergalactic drug cartel has set its Stop Fans in High on Life, and you, with the help of a sentient gun called a Gatlian, must take down all of this cartel’s bosses and free humankind. But you’ll face many obstacles along the way, from grunts to environmental blockages.

How to Stop Fans in High On Life

To start with, you’ll have to have finished the Douglas Abundance. Subsequent to defeating the G3 cartel chief, you’ll get the Sweezy Gatlian, a self-loader pistol with a period bubble capacity. This extraordinary capacity permits you to freeze time. It very well may be utilized to quickly sluggish foes and furthermore fans, giving you a window to traverse them safe.

To Stop Fans in High on Life, point Squeezy at the rotating edges and shoot the time bubble. From that point, it’s an instance of getting through the fans before the air pocket lapses. The duration of the time slow is moderately liberal, so however it merits getting through rapidly, you ought to have a sizable amount of time.

Alongside Sweezy, the Jetpack is likewise an extraordinary tool while passing through fans, particularly raised ones. You’ll get the Jetpack subsequent to completing the Krubis and Douglas Bounties. Get back to Blim City and visit Mr. Keep’s and Son’s Pawn shop. For additional subtleties, look at our manual for getting the Jetpack in High On Life.

That covers how to top fans in High On Life. Aiming for 100 percent completion? Look at our accomplishment guide. In any case, get around to our manual for using Twist Circles in High on Life to encounter a portion of the game’s more inquisitive optional content.

Stop Fans in High on Life

Kenny, your companion and Gatlian, has something called a Stop Fans in High on Life. You’ve probably utilized it to assist you with traversing the Ghettos, getting you to occupant Crowd Manager 9-Torg. Gatlians are the essential way you’ll tackle all riddles in High On Life, and it’s the response to our fan issue.

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