Best Way to Solve the Myrkr Tunnels Water Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

In God of War Ragnarok, Forging Destiny is the 10th objective on The Way main story journey line, and sees you, playing as Kratos and joined by Freya, sneaking once more into Svartalfheim through the Myrkr Tunnels Water Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok. Your most memorable goal is to find a way to the surface and meet with Brok, yet there are a few puzzles in the manner, the most troublesome of which involves a bunch of water box and water wheels.

Continue ahead until you arrive at another portcullis as shown in the image beneath. This time, your edge can’t arrive at the barrel for what it’s worth Smoldering Embers In God Of War Ragnarok. Be that as it may, fortunately there is some oil spilled on the ground. Raise a ruckus around town with your edge. This will make a fire, causing a blast. This will make a way through the portcullis.

God of War Ragnarok is much greater than its ancestor, and that implies there are considerably more journeys, chases, and puzzles than any time in recent memory. There’s a progression of recurring puzzles in the game that involve finding the arrangement with a water wheel, and of those prominent puzzles is found during one of the main missions known as Forging Destiny. The point of this journey is to get Kratos’ third and final weapon, the Draupnir Lance, and the initial step of the mission is to just find a way to the surface out of the Myrkr Tunnels Water Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok.

How to open both water wheel entryways in Myrkr Tunnels

After you rout the Bergsra, use L2 and R2 to toss your hatchet and freeze the box over the wheel on the south side. This will turn the haggle the south entryway.

Follow Freya through the open entryway. It could feel like you’re giving up on the north entryway presently, however you’re not. Toward the finish of the low passage, there’s a Myrkr Tunnels Water Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok. From the chest, travel north up the incline, and follow the tunnels until you arrive at an enormous room with a chain on the east wall. Climb the chain, and pull the switch at the top to move the water box back in the room with the water wheel doors.

Return to the water wheel room (there’s an easy route east of the Nornir Chest), and use L2 and R2 to toss your hatchet and freeze the upper box where it gets over the box running lined up with the north wall. Then use L2 and Square to order Freya to shoot a Sigil Bolt at a similar spot.

Solve the Myrkr Tunnels Water Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

Review your Leviathan Hatchet, then rapidly use L2 and R2 to freeze the box over the wheel on the north side. In the event that you do this before the principal box un-freezes, it ought to turn the haggle the north entryway. Assuming that you’re too sluggish, simply attempt again, yet be quicker this time.

A puzzling beginning

The beginning of the journey finds Kratos leaving Svartalfheim, and entering the new district of the previously mentioned tunnels. When you solve the Nightfall Stones puzzle and rout Bergsra, you ought to find yourself in a room with two enormous water wheels, fixed off on either side by entryways. Focusing on the water wheel on the left half of the room from where you enter, you’ll have to utilize your hatchet to freeze the box, which is hanging from the ceiling, straight over the spokes of the wheel. This will make water spill from the box, which will make the water wheel begin turning.

Follow Freya through the recently opened entryway and the resulting tunnels, killing any foes you experience en route. Continue through the tunnels until you find a chain hanging down, and use it to scale to a stage. Interact with the system, and it will pivot another box into place.

Onto section two

Get back to the room you began in with the water wheels. At the entryway inverse the one you opened already, you ought to gaze upward and see another box hanging from the ceiling, lined up with the one you froze on the other side of the room. Follow that box somewhat to one side, where there ought to be another Myrkr Tunnels Water Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok above it that is arranged oppositely. Make a seal at the higher box simply over where it would intersect with the lower box, then toss your Leviathan Hatchet at it. This ought to get the water flowing from the higher box into the lower box.

The final step is using your hatchet again to freeze the piece of the lower box that is directly over the spokes of the water wheel, which will permit the water to spill down, the wheel to begin turning, and the door to raise. Presto, that is out. Puzzle total.

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