Singularity Helmet Locations: How to Get All

This is the Fortnite Singularity skin, and you open it in the wake of getting yourself 90 of the hundred absolute Fortbytes that have been going live in the game each day. In far and away superior news, you can overhaul that into Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations by tracking down the leftover Fortbytes: the primary you get in the wake of snatching 95 Fortbytes, the other is for getting each of the 100. However, we’re searching for something different: the various Fortnite Singularity covers and head protectors that are accessible across the guide.

Season 9 is the principal season to acquaint Fortbytes with the game and gathering 90 of these Fortbytes will grant players with the Singularity skin. Whenever you have been granted this skin, there are an extra five distinct styles you can open by discovering covered up head protectors around the guide.

Peculiarity caps are another sort of collectible in Fortnite Battle Royale. There’s five of them, and every one you discover will open a recent trend for the Singularity Helmet Locations. In the event that you need to redo the outfit with new shading plans, you’ll need to get them all. At the point when you approach one of them, the head protector will begin drifting, which makes it somewhat simpler to discover them. All things Accept Friend Request on Fortnite, they’re appropriately covered up. In the event that you experience difficulty tracking them down, this guide will show you all Fortnite Singularity cap areas.

How Singularity styles work in Fortnite

In the first place, you need to have opened the Singularity Helmet Locations in Fortnite. Peculiarity is an award for finishing 90 Fortbytes all through Season 9. You can see your improvement on the Fortbytes space of the Challenges screen.

In spite of the fact that the game doesn’t promote these early, just as the two it gives you, there are five extra Singularity styles to open. These are found by associating with Singularity protective caps on the guide, each themed around existing Fortnite characters, and every one adding a recent fad.

All are accessible when you have Singularity opened, yet might be accessible until the finish of Season 9, so ensure you get round to them before the Season 10 delivery date moves around.

Singularity style locations map

Here is, initially, where to discover all Singularity style areas:

The Singularity style areas are:

  • Nestle Helmet area: Pressure Plant, on the stage on the north side ignoring development
  • Pizza Helmet area: Loot Lake, on the north side of the named area, on an edge sitting above the lake
  • Durr Helmet area: Neo Tilted, on a stage toward the east of the huge wellspring
  • Rex Helmet area: Between Neo Tilted and Salty Springs, only south of three huge trees
  • Float Helmet area: North of Polar Peak on the south edge of the frozen lake, up the bank

Keep in mind, you need to prepare Singularity Helmet Locations when visiting these areas for the head protectors to then show up.


From the Pizza Pit cover to the Durrr! Burger one, you have a couple of various alternatives with regards to refreshing your vanilla Fortnite Singularity skin. Underneath you can discover a guide with every one of the spots on them, and afterward text portrayals of every individual area further down. In the event that you stall out, join the Fortnite Skins For Nintendo Switch up with the guide markers underneath.

Float: Between Polar Peaks and the frozen lake is the place where you can discover the Drift variation of this exceptional skin. At the lower part of a lofty precipice face, there is a table – head there. The head protector you’re searching for is close to this table and a wooden container ignoring the frozen lake.

Durrr!: In Neo Tilted, the extremely observant among you may have recognized the Singularity Helmet Locations sculpture. On the east part of town, move up to the stage sitting above the pool and the sculpture – you can’t miss the Durrr! adaptation of Singularity on the floor.

Pizza: You’re not going to have Durrr! Without Pizza Pit. Keep this competition seething by making a beeline for Loot Lake. On a rough edge on the northern side of the baffling vault is the place where you can add this style to your assortment.

Singularity Helmet Locations

Where to find Singularity helmets?

You’ll track down the first in the fountain of liquid magma in the upper east. Land on the north side of Pressure Plant and approach the recently uncovered office. On the off chance that you peer down from the edge, you’ll notice it on one of the walkways, behind the knees of the strange goliath robot.

You’ll track down the following one close to Loot Lake. Place that is known for the north side of the enormous land mass, where the house used to be. The cap will be on an edge almost a tree, a major stone and a steel trailer.

This one is in the guide. Head for the knoll somewhere Singularity Helmet Locations and Shifty Shafts. You’ll discover the head protector in the grass, west of the coasting station and the goliath inflatable ball.

At that point there’s the one in the frozen region in the southwest. You’ll see it on the inclines of Polar Peak, nearby. It’s on the north side of the slope, concealed behind a case on one of the blanketed stages.

The final remaining one’s in Neo Tilted. You’ll see it in the east piece of town, on the overhang of the slipstream station, the one sitting above the sculpture. There are two additional styles, however they aren’t attached to the collectible head protectors – all things considered, you’ll need to gather considerably more Fortbytes to get them.

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