Where To Find Shiv In The Callisto Protocol – Complete Guide

The Callisto Protocol is a severe game where you need to make due against crowds of freaks. To battle those adversaries, you will require Shiv In The Callisto Protocol. However, similar to each endurance game, you will not get them all along. You need to begin little and it doesn’t get any more modest than a high quality Shiv. This ad libbed weapon is exceptionally valuable in the beginning phases of the game.

While you just wind up getting five firearms in The Callisto Protocol, skirmish and other weapon types are similarly as significant in battle. With everything taken into account, you get to attempt various tools for disposing of the outsiders on Callisto.

Fortunately, the game provides you with a larger part of the weapons on the basic way. However, there are a small bunch of firearms that you should make a special effort to find the schematics for. In request to get to these weapons, you should find their schematic in the level, return it to a Refroger/shop passageway, and afterward buy the weapon from the store. For every single one of those, we will tell you precisely where the schematics are found and how much the weapons will cost you in Callisto Credits.

This article will take you through every one of the manners in which you can get the scuffle weapons, tools, went weapons, and things in The Shiv In The Callisto Protocol. Truly, you will not be using these The Callisto Protocol weapons similarly, yet finding every one permits you to move toward any foe and danger with a wide assortment of choices.

Shiv in Callisto Protocol

In the Callisto Protocol, you will get the Shiv from Elias in the Subsequent Part called Flare-up. Then, you will get familiar with the battle framework in the game. Here is a straightforward walkthrough on how to arrive at Elias.

  • Toward the beginning of the mission, you will be on a boat heading to the Dark Iron Jail. There you will meet Captain Ferris and Superintendent Cole.
  • Then, you are assumed to position an embed in your scruff which will go about as your wellbeing bar.
  • Subsequent to waking up, you need to investigate the cell. At the same time, you will go over a pink solid shape.
  • As you are going to get it, you are held by your dead first official.
  • Afterward, it is uncovered to be a fantasy and you will be in the center of a flare-up.
  • Get away from your cell and go to one side. Toward the finish of this way, you will run over certain steps on the left.
  • Move down those steps and you will go over Elias’ cell. Interact with him and after a short exchange, he will give you a changed wrench. When you get this weapon, you will open the “Frantic Times” accomplishment.

Note that this weapon will accompany you all through the game. You can utilize the Shiv to open certain entryways, and chests, and to perform Shiv In The Callisto Protocol. That is all from us on how to get Shiv in the Callisto Protocol. For additional accommodating aides like How to cultivate Ammunition and Credits, visit our Callisto Protocol area soon.

All Weapon Areas in The Callisto Protocol


This is the main weapon Jacob gets in The Callisto Protocol, from Elias during the Episode Part. This is a thing you’ll get through the main storyline, and keeping in mind that it’s in fact a weapon, it performs most often as a method for getting through entryways.

Shiv In The Callisto Protocol

Stagger Baton

Maybe I’m somewhat one-sided, however I truly like the Shiv In The Callisto Protocol. You likewise get this in Section 2: Flare-up, yet you’ll find it in the ownership of a watchman who has previously been killed by biophages or gotten away from inmates. Anything the reason, the watchman doesn’t require it any longer, and Jacob most likely does. Like the Shiv, this is a story weapon and can’t be missed.

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is probable the weapon players were generally feeling better to find. This long-range weapon sneaks up suddenly and permits you to blow appendages and heads a ways off. You find it during Section 2: Flare-up when you coincidentally find your most memorable studio. Elias gives the schematics to make it, and Jacob prints out one of his own.


One of the more exceptional weapons in The Callisto Protocol is the GRP, a glove which permits you to lift and toss your foes or props. This can be obtained in Part 3: Outcome, when you enter a wing where a few detailed trials have happened. A watchman will be on a cot and have this glove prepared, yet through story movement, Jacob will take it and put it on.

Skunk Firearm

This is the main weapon that can be missed, yet there’s two opportunities to Shiv In The Callisto Protocol. The first is during Part 3: Result. During this section, as you progress the storyline, you’ll find a dead watchman close to the door with a wire next to him. On the off chance that you get the breaker and open the entryway close to him, you’ll continue the story as typical. In any case, in the event that you instead head back to the beginning of the level, you’ll find another entryway that can likewise be opened with a circuit. Do so and move through the vent that is currently open. At the point when you come out the other side, you’ll find yourself within this room a little store of things, yet in particular the Skunk Weapon schematic.

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