Find Out How To Get Sentinel Pillar Location In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a vast and immersive sandbox game that allows players to investigate an expansive procedurally created universe. Within this universe, players experience various natural hazards, including hostile sentinel drones that watch planets to enforce the law. One of the sentinel structures that players can run over are Sentinel Pillars, which hold significant resources. In the event that you’re looking to find these Sentinel Pillars in No Man’s Sky, this article will furnish you for certain tips and direction to help you on your quest.

How To Get Sentinel Pillar Location In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Sentinel Pillar Locations:

Sentinel Pillars can be tracked down on certain planets in No Man’s Sky. These structures show up as tall, cylindrical columns with a red light at the top and produce a glowing energy shaft. They are regularly monitored by sentinel drones, and players should overcome or avoid them to access the resources within the pillar. Sentinel Pillars can contain important resources such as intriguing elements, technology modules, or nanites, making them a beneficial target for resource gathering.

Tips for Finding Sentinel Pillars:

Here are some tips to assist you with locating Sentinel Pillars in No Man’s Sky:

Scan for Resources: Use your analysis visor to scan your surroundings for resources. Sentinel Pillars are many times situated close to resource-rich areas, such as caves, mineral deposits, or huge stone formations. Search for clusters of resources on your scanner, and investigate those areas for the presence of a Sentinel Pillar.

Follow Sentinel Activity: On the off chance that you experience sentinel drones while exploring a planet, focus on their way of behaving. Sentinel Pillars are frequently protected by sentinel drones, so on the off chance that you notice an increased presence of sentinel activity in a certain region, it could indicate the presence of a Sentinel Pillar close by.

Seek Out Planetary Anomalies: No Man’s Sky planets can have various anomalies, such as crashed freighters, deserted buildings, or old ruins. These anomalies can sometimes lead you to a Sentinel Pillar location. Look out for any unusual or conspicuous landmarks or structures while exploring a planet, and investigate them to see on the off chance that they lead you to a Sentinel Pillar.

Use Your Ship’s Scanner: While flying in your starship, you can use the ship’s scanner to find points of interest on a planet’s surface, including Sentinel Pillars. Fly low and slow, and scan for any unusual structures or energy signatures that could indicate the presence of a Sentinel Pillar.

How To Get Sentinel Pillar Location In No Man’s Sky


Finding Sentinel Pillar locations in No Man’s Sky can be a challenging however rewarding undertaking. By using your scanning tools, paying thoughtfulness regarding sentinel activity, exploring planetary anomalies, and utilizing your ship’s scanner, you can increase your chances of locating these important structures. Make sure to be ready for potential sentinel resistance and accumulate the necessary resources and hardware to confront any challenges. Cheerful hunting, and may your process in No Man’s Sky be productive!

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