SecretLab Titan 2020 Series Review – Best Gaming Chair

People who think every chair that you sit on while gaming becomes a gaming chair
haven’t had the best experience. Technically yes, it does become a gaming chair but
there’s a huge difference in a basic cushioned chair and a properly designed gaming
chair. An example of this is the Secretlab Titan – a pure gaming chair.

The adjustments of the chair are remarkable. Seat tilt can be locked in position or
you can have a free-rocking lifestyle. Height of the seat can be adjusted 4 inches up
or down. Its lumbar system is like the cars where you can contract or expand the part
of the seat touching your lower back according to your desired ease. The angle of the
back seat can simply be adjusted by a lever on the right side from 90 degrees to 180
degrees. To support your neck, it has a memory gel pillow with a faux-suede.

Another win in the adjustment department is with the armrests that can move in or
out from the center, forward or backward 2 inches and even up and down. This isn’t
all, they can also move in 3 different angles; 60 degrees inward, 90 or 120 degrees
outward.Here comes the deal on black friday get now your favorite gaming chair.

The Titan is made of PU Leather, and when it comes to padding the stiffness is truly
perfect preserving an alert position. Overall the chair is extremely comfortable as
well as durable, has a solid construction and is super adjustable. It may get a little
difficult while assembling it but once it is assembled it’s going to be totally worth it.

A plus point is that the Titan comes with a three-year warranty but you can easily
extend it to five years just by posting a picture of it on social media. So, if you’re
looking to spend money on an upright solid chair, Titan is one of them.

Titan can easily be ordered from Secretlab directly for $399 but is also available on
amazon for the same price. Different colour schemes are also available and you can
pre-order special edition chairs. It’s 100% recommended and is the best gaming chair
of 2019.


Is it even worth investing money in? You’re just gaming, any chair would be good to go? But
the fact that gamers sit for hours and hours competing, to invest in a comfortable chair
makes total sense. Each gamer has his/her own preferences regarding finding the best PC
gaming chair. After reviewing a lot of gaming chairs, we found out that all chairs use very
similar materials, padding and have nearly identical structuring. We are really awe-struck
with SecretLab chairs that feel distinctly higher in quality and build. SecretLab Titan
however, is the most wanted chair for its supple, strong synthetic leather and dense
substantial padding. The chair is now being updated to a new 2020 line, the 2020 Titan is
relatively expensive than last years model but has better material, armrests mechanism and
a longer warranty.

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If you look at the chair, it looks exactly like the previous model. A large black gaming chair
that is covered with synthetic leather, red needlework on the seams and faux carbon fibre
texturing on the sides. There’s also a gold coloured T logo embroidered on the back rest.
The only noticeable hint that this chair is any different is the small patch on the left side of
the backrest featuring an embellished SecretLab logo with the number 2020 next to it. The
Titan is available in both synthetic leather and fabric versions. The synthetic leather model is
$399, while the fabric version is somewhat more expensive at $429. To help make the price
acceptable, SecretLab provides a five-year warranty for its 2020 chairs, more than twice if
the standard two-year warranty.
The leather on the previous Titan which was really supple and sturdy than the PU leather
used in the other gaming chairs is now improved for its 2020 line, calling it Prime 2.0 PU leather. The company says it’s rated for 200,000 abrasion tests. Since the new model can’t
be attested for its sturdiness, but after using last year’s Titan for over a year there were only
little signs of wear on the corners of the seat. Both of the models support up to 290 pounds.
Another factor that impressed us was the padding, its quality is better than most of the
other gaming chairs. A very secure cold-cure foam is moulded to the curves of the chair. The
headrest, sides of the chair back and the seat has a solid and supportive padding. The back
of the backrest has a little more padding that the chair since it is the most important aspect
of being comfortable while gaming. As far as breathability is concerned, it leaves a lot to be
anticipated. A little warmth after much use of the chair is felt which might make you sweaty
and uncomfortable. The seat also lacks pockets or holders which isn’t a main necessity but
still gives a little easier going feeling.


The metal armrests support is denser and much more compact and solid. They can also be
adjusted in four directions; this mechanism has been completely refurbished. They can be
adjusted upwards and downwards, can slide forward, backward, right or left and can even
be rotated. There is a button that controls the armrests in any position and the rotation can
be locked so you don’t accidentally knock them into a different angle. The button is now
level against the side of the armrest instead of sticking out. Instead of plastic, the height
adjustment level for each armrest is made of metal and is wider, making it smoother. Only
the left-right sliding adjustment button was left mostly untouched, still plastic and located in
the same position as before. However, the PU leather gives them a comfortable feeling.
Two new features of standard gaming chair adjustments are brought up in Titan. The chair
can be raised or lowered into a position that is comfortable to you with a pull of a level
located on the right side of the bottom of the seat, just like in any other chair. The backrest
also easily reclines with a second lever located on the right side of the seat, behind the
armrest. The total chair, together with the seat, can also rock back, or lock in place with the
lever on the left side of the bottom of the seat. The angle of the seat can be adjusted from a
fully upright position of 90 degrees to what it feels like 180 degrees, flat on your back-chill


Like many gaming chairs have a flat pillow, the Titan has a knob on the right side of the backrest that adjusts the firmness of the lumbar area, providing support according to your
need. It is an innovative idea but complicated solution to a problem normally solved by the
removable cushion. Titan has the same unique lumbar mechanism as its predecessor.

It only comes with the headrest pillow, which feels remarkable. The pillow is covered in a
black velour material with the SecretLab logo embellished. The new pillow uses compressed
memory foam with a layer of cooling gel instead of conventional synthetic pillow stuffing
and feels amazingly soft and supportive against the head. It's another marked step above
most other gaming chairs we've tested, which use PU-covered headrest pillows and often
much steadier, less cooperative foam fill. It is similar to a cars lumbar system.


While assembling the chair, it is recommended that two people should be involved but
doing it solo isn’t impossible and doesn’t cause any extra difficulty. The directions are very
clear cut written which makes it easy to assemble a lot of parts. It averagely takes about 45
mins to assemble to an hour including the packing and clean up.


The chair can be ordered directly from SecretLab for $399, but if you want to buy it from
Amazon for the same price, you need to apply the coupon on the Amazon page before you
checkout. There are also different colour schemes to choose from.

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  1. I really feel much better now as I have purchased it and it is so good for gaming. I would call it a best gaming chair.

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