How To Do Search Mission Quest In Escape From Tarkov – Full Guide

The Escape From Tarkov Search Mission quest from Prapor can truly be a trial of that map information. While certain quests in Escape From Tarkov expect you to find explicit things in strike, others just expect you to go to an area – however frequently that area is fairly hard to find. Thus, assuming you’re adhered trying to finish the Escape From Tarkov Search Mission quest, make a point to continue to peruse beneath to see every one of the areas you really want to find.

How To Do Search Mission Quest In Escape From Tarkov

Search Mission Guide in Escape from Tarkov

Prior to heading into Woods, players ought to likewise know that the guide is very huge with not many indoor areas, requiring players to come exceptional with a reasonable long-gone form. While a checked rifle is great for the guide, in the event that players are lacking in reserves, a rifle, for example, the Mosin Nagant is likewise very helpful.

One of the most challenging parts of completing the quest for players new to the Forest guide is the size of the region and the way that it is very simple to get lost because of the absence of recognizable milestones. However, there are a few milestones that players ought to observe, that will indicate they are in the right area for the quest.

The primary area that players should find is the escort that is situated in the furthest north of the guide on the main street. Players will realize that they are in the right area assuming they are in a put populated with little lakes on the two roadsides. Assuming that players arrive at an enormous radio tower along the main street, they will realize that they have gone too far and should head back a contrary way.

To find the USEC camp area, travel south toward the path inverse to the radio tower, and guard. At last, the street will part, making a triangle shape. At this stalemate, continue right (west) towards a gathering of little mountains off in the distance. On the contrary side of the mountains, players will find the USEC camp. Players ought to try to steal from the camp as there are a few high-esteem drops and cases in this area.

How To Do Search Mission Quest In Escape From Tarkov

Search Mission Quest Discourse

Greetings, hero. I have some work for you. Quick version, I lost contact with one of my gatherings, and it’s been a long time back. At the point when serious trouble hit everyone out of nowhere, I sent them to Woods to get some freight. I’m apprehensive they got trapped, the last time I got past, they announced that the USECs were closing in on them from the slopes.

Investigate it, check assuming that anybody made due. Their Escort had a BRDM, a Bukhaka van, and a truck or some likeness thereof, I do not recall what kind precisely. I think that the USECs probably settled some place close to there too, so remain sharp.


  • Find Prapor’s missing Guard on Woods
  • Find the transitory USEC camp
  • Make due and Concentrate from the area

Reward Exchange

So my folks didn’t make it, and the vehicles were plundered… In addition to a USEC camp close by, you say? That sucks, the freight was vital. Indeed, you’ve done your piece of the arrangement, so here’s the reward. You can buzz off at this point.


  • +2800 XP
  • +0.02 Standing with Prapor
  • 22,000 Roubles
  • EYE MK.2 proficient hand-held compass
  • Woods plan map

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