How to Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard

The primary mission in Polina Petrova’s mission, Stalingrad, is tied in with saving the family and establishing yourself as the sharpshooter you are. One of the key minutes is Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard and different Partisans that are being held hostage by the German soldiers.

At the point when you increase the divider and travel through the vent, you’ll slide down and find yourself in a major room loaded up with aggressors. In the center of the room, you’ll see Misha and the Partisans weaponless and defenseless. Your central goal will be to take out all aggressors, individually.

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After the short intro cinematic, Polina will join Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard to a frosty field, and the pair will find a body shot through the head. The brand name of a marksman, which Polina knows generally too well.

This is the way to save Misha in the Stalingrad mission in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

How to Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard

Begin with Stealth

In spite of the fact that it’s difficult to go through this mission relying altogether on takedowns (and there’s no prize for this), you can in any case get somewhere around two of the troopers down while in covertness. That would be a significant expertise to realize with regards to reaching the windmill and killing Steiner. It will make your entire occupation more straightforward.

The first will be directly before you when you step out of the vent, and the subsequent one will hold look out went to you, close to the flight of Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard. Bring them both down using R3 and move into the room. In the event that you do your best, you could possibly bring down a couple of a greater amount of them until they see you.

Circumvent the blockaded focus of the room and use cover to surprise however many fighters as you can. Ultimately, they’ll see you and begin shooting. When they do, it’s the ideal opportunity for activity.

Utilize the Right Weapons

Since there will be a ton of close battle, it is wonderful to utilize a shotgun. The revolving shotgun is one of the most overwhelmed weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and you’ll find a ton of foes dropping it in this mission.

Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard

Utilize the shotgun for close battle and Polina’s particular rifle for scoping. In the event that you hate the shotgun, an attack rifle like the STG44 will likewise work really hard. A MP-40 is additionally perfect and, all the more critically, there will be loads of ammunition dropped out of control for the MP-40 since it’s perhaps the most conspicuous and frequently utilized German rifle.

For any situation, you need a weapon that can drop foes rapidly while likewise being sufficiently light so you can utilize strategic run and keep the adversaries guessing.

Continue To move

Finally, you need to continue to move all through the whole arrangement and never let the adversaries swarm you. There will be bunches of tables to vault over and things to creep under Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard, so utilize this for your potential benefit and immediately move between areas.

Try not to stress over anybody hitting the Partisans, you can run directly before them and they will not get found out in the crossfire.

Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard

Moving around will likewise empower you to get the leap on your foes and use takedowns to moderate ammunition. The blockade around the Partisans will be particularly compelling here, as you can slither under the little openings and confuse the aggressors. Combined with a shotgun, this “run and weapon” strategy will be profoundly successful.

Assuming you’re more into sniping, there are certain region of the room that are ideally suited for this. To one side of where you came in, there is an ideal little spot to take a marksman rifle and take the foes out, individually. Here is that spot, it’s facing Stalin’s sculpture:

However, again, don’t linger for a really long time or they’ll overpower you.

Final Word

Whenever you’ve taken care of the relative multitude of foes, make a beeline for Save Misha in CoD: Vanguard and interact with him to finish the goal. From that point onward, the Partisans will take off and you’ll have to cover their departure.

Saving Misha in the Stalingrad mission in CoD: Vanguard is an amazing beginning of Polina’s mission. It’s dynamic, activity stuffed, and requires a few fast reflexes. Make sure to continue to move under objects and don’t allow the foes to pin understand your situation. Blend among long and short-range battle for a definitive impact.

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