How to Save Highlights Overwatch 2

Save Highlights Overwatch 2, In the event that you’re looking to save a feature in Overwatch 2, you’ll have to make a beeline for the Profession Profile section of the main menu. From here, go to the History tab, which will show you your new match history. In the event that you’ve gotten a Play of The Game, it will likewise be hanging around for you to save rapidly.

Pretty much every match in Overwatch 2 has a major play from each group that reverses the situation of fight and switches responsibility for point. Whether it is pulling off a few extraordinary headshots with Widowmaker or eliminating the whole foe group with your Definitive, saving your highlights to return to take a gander at later is an incredible element. This is the way you can save your highlights in Overwatch 2.

How to Save Highlights Overwatch 2

Save highlights in Overwatch 2 on console

To save your highlights in Overwatch 2 on a console, you should utilize the implicit functions to catch those minutes. You can do this either within the match you are playing or in the menu, go to Vocation Profile and tab over to History.

Your new five best highlights from the most recent 24 hours will show up here. You can see these highlights and do your catch immediately. Saving catches is really comparative on each console:

On Nintendo Switch, hold the Catch button (the square button with a circle in it), and it will automatically record the most recent 30 seconds.

On PlayStation, press Make (left of the touchpad with three vertical lines) on PS5 or Offer on PS4 two times.

On Xbox, on the off chance that you have a Series X controller, hold the record button (the container with a line pointing up in the center of the controller). Assuming you are playing with some other kind of controller, press the Xbox button to bring up the aide and press X.

How to save highlights in Overwatch 2 on PC and save location

In the event that you are playing on PC, you can see your highlights by going to the History tab in Vocation Profile when you are not in a party. Select the feature and press Save at the bottom of the screen to place in the information required for saving it. You can likewise go to the Replays tab to see full matches you have as of late played and make highlights there.

How to Save Highlights Overwatch 2

After you have saved a feature, you ought to have the option to see the destination it was saved in at the bottom of the screen of the Highlights tab. Of course, it ought to be shipped off C:\Users\[PROFILE]\Documents\Overwatch\videos\overwatch.

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