How To Get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends

For any player of Raid: Shadow Legends, there are numerous helpful things in the game that you can use to give yourself a benefit. One of these is the utilization of Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends to give you the best summoning rates, yet how would you gain these Shards and how would you guarantee you’re getting whatever number of them as could be expected under the circumstances? Well fortunately, we take care of you as we’ll be going over probably the most ideal ways to get Sacred Shards in Raid: Shadow Legends. Furthermore, a few other helpful hints en route.

Spending shards to gather in the Portal is the essential method for getting champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. There are four distinct sorts of shards in the game, all with various call rates and in this manner various qualities. The better the paces of a shard, the more significant it is and the harder it is to obtain.

You can get shards in RAID: Shadow Legends by battling, completing missions, difficulties and journeys, participating in occasions and the Arena, opening chests, fighting supervisors, collecting different rewards and unconditional presents, purchasing them from the market, and buying packs.

Raid Shadow Legends is a dream pretending gacha game that happens in the domain of Teleria. In the imaginary world, one of the main assets is Shards. While they come in various kinds, each holds its very own worth as you progress in the game.

These Shards can call Epic or Legendary Champions that will be useful to you in Teleria. Here we are going to show you one of the Shards called Sacred Shards. This guide has all you want on how to get Guardian Angel perk in Apex Legends.

How To Get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends

Sacred Shards as referenced previously, are a lot more extraordinary than different shards in Raid: Shadow Legends like the Void Shards. As they furnish you with a higher summoning rate, which likewise makes them much more important.

This at last means it’s far more diligently to drop by them in the early game than in the late game and when you arrive at the late game, you can procure about 13 Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends a month on the off chance that you’re sufficiently committed.

Everyday New Player Login

In the wake of reaching a particular day to day login standard, you will get a Sacred Shard. (Picture: Plarium Global)
Logging into Raid: Shadow Legends consistently in the wake of creating your profile is fundamental to receiving free rewards and things consistently. What’s more, starting from day 78, you will get a day to day login prize of a free Sacred Shard and when the day to day login framework is covered, it rehashes the same thing, with you currently receiving a Sacred Shard one time each month on the off chance that you guarantee your prizes everyday.

Movement rewards

These are rewards that you gain after the record arrives at a certain level, explicitly subsequent to reaching level 60 you can guarantee a Sacred Shard through this framework, and when you arrive at Level 100, you can guarantee another. This all can be gotten to through the menu on the left half of your screen.

Star rewards

Star Rewards will be rewards that you can guarantee whenever you’ve gathered a certain measure of stars in one or the other Normal, Hard, Brutal, or Nightmare method of the Campaign or Faction Wars. In the Campaign, you can gather Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends whenever you’ve arrived at 252 stars in any trouble, and 655 stars in the Fraction Wars.

Mission milestones

In the wake of completing a particular number of missions you will arrive at a mission milestone and can guarantee free Sacred Shards. The primary mission milestone you want to finish to get a Sacred Shard is the subsequent one, which expects you to finish 151 missions in the game.

Month to month missions

Completing every one of the five of your month to month journeys permits you to guarantee one Sacred Shard, and the longest this can take is around a month since one of the month to month missions is to finished your day to day journeys. These month to month journeys don’t reset, so assuming you just do four for that month, you can finish the fifth one in the new month and complete one more 5 at your relaxation.

Prison challenges

These are difficulties that are explicitly connected with prison goals and, after completing all the prison related missions for the part you’re at present on, will net you one Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends. What’s more, when you arrive at section 5 of the prison challenges, the compensation for completing that part is another Sacred Shard.


In the event that a player gives you an outside reference, you can gain a Sacred Shard once they arrive at level 60 in Raid: Shadow Legends. This can require some investment, yet it’s a wise investment for the future as you can depend on receiving the Shar in the event that you know the reference player is making his direction up the positions.

Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends

However a few players can find it hard to find dependable references who are effectively trying to arrive at level 60. So one choice a few players need to take is to make an alt account and allude a link to themselves and grind to even out 60 to get the prizes.

Occasions and Tournaments

For the more experienced players, partaking in occasions and tournaments can grant you for certain Sacred Shards as remunerations for completing them. However not every one of them will compensate you with the Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends always, it merits keeping your eye on the occasions accessible to know about when they do, and for more up to date players to snatch a few slick prizes at the lower levels.

Referee Missions and Challenges

For more current players, doing these discretionary missions are an incredible method for getting a few extraordinary assets and things, with Void Shards being a piece of the prize pool. These assignments are especially easy, so all players will actually want to do them and guarantee the prizes they dole out.

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