How To Reset Your Minecraft World

Things being what they are, you’re fed up with your old and feeble world and need some zest in your life? Perhaps the age of the ongoing world doesn’t exactly measure up for you? Or then again your companion exploded everything coincidentally, and you simply need a new beginning. Anything reason, it very well may be a piece monotonous to reset the whole world. Today’s aide will be on how to Reset Your Minecraft World and begin once more. Along these lines,

To begin once again with a fresh out of the box new world for your Agender Flag in Minecraft, you can undoubtedly do this by resetting your server’s world. Prior to beginning with this aide, it is enthusiastically suggested that you make a reinforcement of you world to ensure you have a duplicate of your ongoing world on the off chance that you really want this once more.

There are a situations where you want to make another world or erase your world because of bugs creating in them that cause slack or crashes. Reset Your Minecraft World create the world envelope in the fundamental directory of the server of course. The world organizer depends straightforwardly on what your “world” esteem is set to in your game board.

How To Reset Your Minecraft World

Method 1 – Changing the world name

The quickest method for reseting your world is to change the world name in your Multicraft Panel. It’s prescribed to change the name to something you will recall, such as adding a basic letter or number toward the finish of the first name. Ensure your server is switched off prior to rolling out any genuine improvements.

Kindly be cautious with this Reset Your Minecraft World, as you can without much of a stretch mess your server records with numerous pointless world documents assuming you do this frequently.

  • Stop your server with the red Stop or Force Stop button.
  • Under the World bar, change the name to anything you would like, as long as it is not the same as the past world name.
  • Click the green Save button, and your world will be reset to another seed with the bygone one being as yet accessible in the server documents. (To get to the old world once more, simply change the name back)
  • Restart the server. This will stack another world.

Method 2 – Delete the existing world

A more slow, more specialized course permits you to purposely erase any world records you never again need in your server documents. With this strategy, you would go into the server documents and afterward erase any worlds you don’t need, and subsequent to restarting the server another Reset Your Minecraft World produce. Ensure your server is switched off prior to rolling out any genuine improvements.

Reset Your Minecraft World

  • Stop your server with the red Stop or Force Stop button.
  • Access your server documents with the FTP.
  • Erase the current world file(s) (The default name for a world document is world however assuming you set a custom world name, it will be unique)

Restart the server. This will stack another world.

Method 3 – Total annihilation

Thus, suppose you would simply not liked to reset the world, however you needed to reset EVERYTHING. This strategy will reset all of your server documents totally, from mods to whitelists and that’s just the beginning. Try not to do this except if you truly need to get rid of everything, alongside a new beginning!

  • Select the Reset Server Files’ button.
  • When provoked, type in reset and select the green Reset Server button.
  • Begin the server. This will stack another everything.

As a last advance notice, this choice will totally wipe each and every piece of customization you had on your server. Every one of the records will be restored to their unique default state, so be careful!

Common Issues

I erased the world, however when I restarted the server it remained something Reset Your Minecraft World! Assuming you’ve endeavored to erase the world, however when you got back on the server nothing had transformed, you in all likelihood erased something different. Assuming your world record is named something other than ‘world’ which is the default, then you must track down it and erase it appropriately.

There’s likewise the situation where they might be various world records assuming that you’ve done Method 1 too ordinarily, in which case you’ll have to erase a couple of world documents. This issue is basically brought about by Method 1 on the off chance that the naming messes you up while erasing the world record, so continue to erase world documents until you have zero remaining.


Presently you know how to Reset Your Minecraft World like an expert! Now and again, rolling out specialized improvements like these would warrant some specialized expertise yet we have frameworks set up to make things simpler for you. Changing your world out of the blue will give you a new beginning and guarantee you have another region to investigate however much you might want. So, I want to believe that you have an incredible day!

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