How to Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft

Curses can be the bane of a Minecraft Survival/Hardcore Mode player’s presence, as they can cause terribly inconvenient secondary effects. For example, the Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft of Binding enchantment keeps a player from removing a piece of gear outfitted with the curse. A few players utilize this to annoying impact, by enchanting carved pumpkins.

In the latest 1.14 update, you actually can’t remove curse enchantments even with the grindstone. A challenging yet straightforward way to remove such curses could be through the Locator Map in Minecraft. When a Cleric is max level and has the diamond belt mark, that Cleric can “fix” your tools of there curses. This could either be through a trade which could require extra emeralds, or another type of giving the tool to the Cleric for curing.

A famous magic enchantment in Minecraft is the curse of vanishing. You can curse any item through this enchantment. It has its special purposes, however the primary utilization of curses is to savage their companions around the game. The reason for this article is to share all of the information you really want about the curse of vanishing, including how to remove and utilize it.

Minecraft features a popular magic enchantment namely a Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft. An enchantment in Minecraft allows the players to curse on an item in the game. It has a few purposes, yet the main utilization of the curse is to used to trolling around your companions in the game.

What is the Curse From an Item in Minecraft?

It is a rare enchantment that you can get from treasure. To get it, you have to “sacrifice” an item so it can curse you with the vanishing curse enchantment. You can utilize this vanishing enchantment curse by arranging attractive iron blocks for a few distinct weapons, game request, or together in a table. There are fishing poles, spades, bows, safeguards, pickaxes, scoops, swords, axes, and many other compatible items that you can add to the curse.

You can apply a curse to the player’s tool using the Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft enchantment. At the point when the tool begins to be cursed with a curse of vanishing enchantment, that tool starts to disappear. When the curse is applied, the curse is removed just when the player himself bites the dust.

How to Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft

You can also force this curse on all different items with weapons. The cursed item vanishes with the player everlastingly, regardless of whether the item is in your inventory. After the player kicks the bucket, the other player or foe can gather the items dropped by the dead player. Assuming the Vanishing Curse enchants the gear or weapon, the cursed weapon isn’t collectible by foes.

Players can also involve this curse for their greatness. Players can curse costly items to rebuff their foes. While putting yourself in danger, assuming you have such a costly weapon that you don’t want your adversary to have, then you can apply this curse.

How to Get the Curse From an Item in Minecraft?

A cursed book in Minecraft is generally found naturally. Along with this, doing business can also get this curse easily. In a village, you will require a podium and a few bookcases to do this. You will then, at that point, need to find a librarian in your village. This Librarian assists you work with the cursed book.

Open additional trading choices after you finish trading with the Librarian to increase your chance of finding the curse spell on the left. Go through prisons and sanctuaries, searching chests for the cursed book. Presently we will see the strategy for removing the curse whenever it is applied.

By Using Crafting Table

We, first of all, have to find the item from which you should remove the Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft. After that, you have to make the same item back using the crafting table. You have to combine both the un-enchanted and cursed items in the crafting table. Along these lines, the curse is also removed, and at the same time, that item is also repaired.

By Using Grindstone

By using grindstone, you also remove the enchantments from a tool or weapon. You can remove the curse all the more rapidly along these lines. This strategy has one drawback: different enchantments are also removed with the curse of vanishing.

Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft


In Minecraft, you can curse any article through which you can push forward of the adversary. Playing with a Remove a Curse From an Item in Minecraft is very frustrating. The curse on the tool and weapon makes it undeniably challenging to play safe. It is also conceivable to remove the curse on those tools after the adversary kicks the bucket. How you can remove this curse, we have explained to you well in this article. We trust that now you can easily remove the curse from the cursed items.

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