How to Raise your Merit Level in Tower of Fantasy

Raise your Merit level in Tower of Fantasy to has a Battle Pass, where you can level up and procure rewards in light of the various levels you open.

You can get week by week journeys in the wake of unlocking the Adventure menu. Click on it to gain admittance to all your week after week missions under the Weekly choice. Completing these will provide you with some measure of points, which you can collect and open compensations from certain milestones. You can actually look at your advancement at the top of the menu. The prizes can change from XP to Merit Points, which you can now use to level up your Battle Pass.

While this might seem like too a very remarkable grind, the main alternate method for gaining Merit Points rapidly is to get it. You can utilize your Dark Crystals to rapidly open levels in the Battle Pass. One Dark Crystal can give you four Merit Points. You should simply get to the Battle Pass menu, go to the Purchase Level choice, and go through your Dark Crystals.

How to raise your Merit level in Tower of Fantasy

How to Raise your Merit Level in Tower of Fantasy

Most games these days have a fight pass that procures you additional compensations as you progress through it. Cult Of The Lamb You can buy the pass to get much more rewards in the event that you want to burn through cash on it. You’re ready to advance through the fight pass in Tower of Fantasy by gaining Merit Points. These, in turn, raise your Merit level and get you the different layered rewards.

You will increase your Merit level in the fight pass by earning Merit Points. Assuming you investigate the fight pass, you will see that it tells you, “Gain bunches of Merit EXP by means of week after week exercises to raise merit level.” To comprehend this much more, you should go to the experience menu.

To arrive at the experience menu. You will initially have to advance through the game to the point where you open it. This comes during section one after you visit Hykros and return to Astra. Whenever you have done this, you will see another image show up in the upper right corner of the screen that seems to be two challenged.

These action points will collect at the top of the menu and acquire you compensates at whatever point you arrive at certain milestones. These prizes include Merit Points.

How to raise your Merit level in Tower of Fantasy

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