Path of Exile – Beating the Endgame’s Toughest Bosses

Reaching the endgame brings a whole new set of challenges for PoE players.

Path of Exile doesn’t shy away from truly challenging RPG players. Not only are you learning the mechanics of the game as you go along, but there is plenty of endgame content to face off with when the time is right. If you need to prepare fully, remember that you can buy PoE currency to help you work towards the gear that you’ll need. Without further ado, here’s a closer look at just a couple of the hardest bosses that you will face in PoE.

Uber Atziri

There are many Path of Exile players that would argue that Uber Atziri is the most difficult boss that you can face. To get started with this fight, you will have to find the four Sacrifice Fragments. After you have done so, place them in the Atlas device which will then grant you the opportunity to face off against the standard version of Atziri. Though the premise of the fight is the same, the uber version is capable of dealing more damage, and has higher health. To take on Uber Atziri, you will need to find the Mortal Fragments that drop from Atziri. These are Grief, Hope, Ignorance and Rage.

As you start to fight Atziri, there will be mobs to go up against, before you face the Vaal Oversouls mini boss. Casting your mind back to Act 2, it’s the same boss but much stronger, and of course there’s an additional one. If you can manage to go into the area in a certain direction, it will give you an advantage by getting one of them to spawn separately.

Onto the next room is one heck of a challenge with the Trio. A’alai, Q’ura and Y’ara’az all have their own skillsets which can really cause some damage. Whether it’s a mighty hit from a large sword or cyclones coming your way, it will be a tough fight. That said, with the right preparation and a spending an Exalted Orb here and there, you should be fine. A good method would be to try and separate where they are from each other as you did in the previous room.

At this point we will have finally reached Atziri, who has many phases that you have to cope with. These range from mobs coming towards you whilst the boss remains invulnerable, and you’ll need to take down the mobs so they can’t heal Atziri. Perhaps the toughest phase is when she splits herself into copies of herself to knock back your attacks. This is a dangerous task to face, meaning you should keep your attacks in check when necessary.

When it comes to her attacks, Atziri can spin whilst throwing spears in your direction, as well as hitting you with flame blasts and even lightning. Thankfully, even in this later phase you can pretty much dodge most of the attacks if you are well prepared enough. Having said that, this may actually be a vital piece of advice, since you can get one-shotted if you do get hit.

The Elder

Another endgame boss of interest is the Elder. There will be the need to have the Elder’s influence over your map, with three different tiers of the boss being available. This will of course depend on the colour of the map that the boss spawns on.

The attacks that you face should be familiar. Ice projectiles will be coming your way, though there is a chance that you can get instantly killed from the odd shotgun here and there. Keeping a close eye on the boss will be key when it is teleporting around. The teleport technique the Elder uses can be frustrating to deal with. The reason for this apart from the obvious is the degeneration field that comes with it. With the use of petrification as well, this is a boss that can really make life hard for you.

As you progress through the fight, you will no longer be able to battle the Elder, and the Shpaer will make an appearance. Keep the Shaper away from the portals, and after a while you will see the Elder spawn again. At this point you can finally defeat the Elder once and for all.

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