How to Get the Other Half Sword In Destiny 2

Bungie is a designer with a long and storied history, making science fiction shooters across ages. It has been in the business for a very long time and is celebrating its commemoration with an extraordinary occasion in Destiny 2, adding a few weapons that are clear callbacks to Halo, Bungie’s past establishment. While they’re lawfully distinct, they convey their ancestor’s soul. Destiny 2’s Forerunner is plainly founded on Halo’s Magnum, and the Other Half Sword In Destiny 2 is a brassy play on The Covenant’s Energy Sword.

Destiny 2’s The Other Half is one of the most slippery drops in the 30th Anniversary Pack. This strange sword accompanies far superior advantages than Iron Lord title in Destiny 2, however it likewise is by all accounts far more enthusiastically to obtain.

Dissimilar to its partner, Half-Truths, The Other Half arrangements Void harm (instead of Arc) and can move Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, Whirlwind Blade, or Surrounded as a subsequent advantage, with Eager Edge or Duelist’s Trance as a first-section decision. This is an obviously better advantage pool than Half-Truths.

The Other Half Sword In Destiny 2 remains an exceedingly slippery and interesting drop from Xur’s Dares of Eternity mission two months after the 30th Anniversary update. While a few fortunate fans have had the option to obtain this Halo-inspired purple sword, the Other Half still can’t seem to be found by most of the players.

How to Get the Other Half Sword In Destiny 2

Other Half Sword In Destiny 2

The main spot that players can get the Other Half Sword is in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Players can find this exceptional shop by choosing Eternity in their Destinations directory.

It won’t be an immediate buy, however. They’ll require a touch of karma on their side too. In request to open one of the chests, players need to utilize a Treasure Key. Finding and saving up Treasure Keys is an errand in and of itself and requires a long time of grinding.

The Other Half Vs. Half-Truths Sword

The 30th Anniversary update included two swords that show up basically the same. The Other Half Sword In Destiny 2 ought not be mistaken for the Half-Truths sword, which is an essentially more normal drop from a similar action. The two swords have practically indistinguishable plans, yet The Other Half is distinguished by its purple tone.

How To Get Treasure Keys

Other Half Sword In Destiny 2

The most clear method for getting Treasure Keys is to get them straightforwardly from Starhorse using Destiny 2’s Strange Coins, an exceptional money for this occasion. Each Treasure Key costs 10 Strange Coins. To get Strange Coins, players essentially have to play Dares of Eternity.

The quickest method for getting Treasure Keys without using Strange Coins, however, is to take part in Dares of Eternity, the occasion’s co-employable endurance mission that is free to all players. Six players can play every meeting, and each fruitful run ensures a Treasure Key drop. Along these lines, players can set aside their Strange Coins for better buys from Starhorse.

Make a point to likewise get a Starhorse abundance prior to jumping in, from the mysterious pony found additionally in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Other Half Sword In Destiny 2 bounties reward the player with Paraversal Hauls, which in turn can compensate extra Treasure Keys, Strange Coins, Legendary Gear, and Exotic Gear for the player.

The Other Half Sword’s Worth

Other Half Sword In Destiny 2

Rolling for the Other Half Sword can be all in all an investment. It could take many runs before the player gets fortunate. There’s no authority drop rate on the Other Half Sword In Destiny 2 presently. With some receiving the sword in the initial not many long stretches of Dares of Eternity. Others having played more than 50 hours of the game mode with no karma. Like with everything that depends on RNG in Destiny 2, tolerance and determination are vital.

For Halo fans, the allure of bringing a rendition of the notorious Energy Sword. Into another setting may be sufficient to legitimize the work. For players who couldn’t care less about that, however, there’s as yet motivation to put it all on the line. The Other Half Sword In Destiny 2 brings back one of Destiny’s old development. Takes advantage of, sword skating, because of the Eager Edge weapon perk.

However considering this advantage will see a huge nerf in the Witch Queen extension. Most players may be content simply having a Half-Truths sword with Eager Edge. The main allure of The Other Half remains its incredible unique case.

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