On PC Minecraft now has one unified launcher

Minecraft is at long last making today debut on Xbox Game Pass for PC, with the two its unique Java version and the Windows 10/11 Bedrock Edition hitting the assistance through a new unified Minecraft Launcher. It’s two Minecrafts for one cost since, indeed, that is the way the Game Pass subscription administration works. Also, later on, that will be the manner by which Minecraft works by and large.

On PC Minecraft now has one unified launcher

Program director Gama Aguilar-Gamez has talked us through how Mojang needs to take out confusion over decisions between editions for PC players. “You need Minecraft? Cool. Purchase Minecraft and you get both,” he clarifies.

Starting today, players who download Minecraft through Xbox Game Pass for PC will play through the unified Minecraft Launcher that handles both the Java and Bedrock Editions. “It’s one of the initial steps into having that launcher go from what used to be the Java launcher to The Minecraft Launcher,” Aguilar-Gamez says.

“We need to make it so when our players say ‘Hello I need to play Minecraft’ that there isn’t the confusion or the troublesome decision of sorting out which version of Minecraft they need when they’re mulling over everything for the PC.”

You will in any case need to sort out whether Java or Bedrock edition is the one you really need to play, in light of which highlights you care about—regardless of whether it’s Minecraft mods or cross-play with different frameworks. What you won’t need to reckon with is possibly burning through money on the wrong version. At the point when Mojang carries out the Minecraft PC Bundle, the two versions of the game will be incorporated for one value, which means you’ll only at any point need to pay for Minecraft once. For players that all around own one version of the game, you’ll get to the next version for nothing.

“We’re attempting to not urge individuals to purchase the two versions,” Aguilar-Gamez says. “Assuming that you truly need both, evaluate Xbox Game Pass for PC and simply hold tight for a smidgen.”

Already, Minecraft PC players utilized the Minecraft Launcher to play Minecraft Java and the side project game Minecraft Dungeons, while Minecraft Bedrock was dispatched as a standalone application. Starting today, your present Minecraft Launcher will provoke you to move up to a further developed launcher version from the Xbox store.

The cycle was a piece fiddly for me, however I had the option to download the new Windows application launcher by choosing “Minecraft for Windows + Launcher” as my edition on either the Microsoft Store or Xbox PC application. I did likewise have to relocate my Mojang record to a Microsoft account. Be that as it may, a Minecraft Java proprietor in our group couldn’t guarantee a download to the new launcher yet, even in the wake of relocating to a Microsoft account. In spite of Mojang’s endeavors, there might be a touch of confusion for players during the underlying transition to the unified launcher.

Mojang is trusting that current Minecraft players will barely see the distinction once they really have the new launcher introduced. It doesn’t influence the location of your Minecraft save information, so I was promptly ready to continue playing similar universes and utilize the surface packs I had been already. Aguilar-Gamez says that Bedrock players will likewise still can dispatch the game straightforwardly without going through the launcher, if they’d like.

My prompt concern about a unified launcher was that this may somehow or another smother Minecraft Java capacities that PC players are appended to. Aguilar-Gamez says that components like individual version installations aren’t impacted and outsider launchers will continue to fill in too. “We were really cautious with regards to ensuring that we were not affecting anything,” he says.

“Once we move beyond this underlying delivery stabilization, we have plans to cause that launcher really to feel like it’s Minecraft and in addition to a utility to dispatch games,” Aguilar-Gamez adds, however Mojang isn’t prepared to part with those plans presently. The other detail it can’t share yet is exactly how far later on the Minecraft PC Bundle will be accessible outside of Game Pass.

“Ideally what individuals see is that this is a critical yet little initial phase in showing our speculation and spotlight on the PC stage,” Aguilar-Gamez says.

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