How to Convert Mouse Sensitivity Between Valorant and CS:GO

Mouse sensitivity between Valorant and CS:GO As tactical first-person shooters of very similar design. Both Valorant and CS:GO encourage soft-track aiming and generally low mouse sensitivity for shooter gameplay. It’s easy to guess that target muscle memory from one game transfers well to another. But in-game sensitivity doesn’t perform the same in both environments unless adjusted. In this guide, you’ll learn how to accurately convert CS:GO sensitivities to his Valorant sensitivities and vice versa.

Valorant is significantly less sensitive when compared to CS:GO. This means that to get a comfortable sensitivity out of CS:GO and port it over to Valorant, the numbers would have to be significantly reduced.

In-game sensitivity is not universal, so the easiest way to express the difference in sensitivity between two games is a ratio. For CS:GO and Valorant, this ratio is 3.18. This means that CS:GO’s sensitivity needs to be divided by 3.18 to apply it to Valorant.

How to convert mouse sensitivity between Valorant and CS:GO

How to Convert Mouse Sensitivity Between Valorant and CS:GO

Valorant and CSGO have a lot in common, but both shooters are unique in their own way. Summon All Bosses in Terraria A CSGO player may have a hard time adapting to his Agent of Valorant skills, but most of his FPS skills can easily carry over from one game to another. The firefights of the two tactical shooters are nearly identical, requiring careful aiming, crosshair placement, and recoil control.

Proper aiming and gameplay relies heavily on sensitivity. Using a foreign setting that doesn’t fit your style is often detrimental. So whether you play Valorant or CSGO, we encourage you to find your perfect sensibility. If you’re playing both, it’s best to stick to consistent numbers. If he hasn’t completely given up on CSGO after switching to
Valorant, I’d recommend keeping the same mouse settings for both games. We recommend not choosing a different sensitivity in Valorant, as going back will negatively affect your CSGO shootouts.This allows you to use the same sensitivity in both games.

The result is the correct CSGO sensitivity in Valorant. So the next time he plays CSGO again, the difference in mouse movement is negligible. However, Valorant isn’t quite the same as CSGO. Some players choose higher sensitivity when playing Valorant because it’s actually a bit slower. However, if you play both games regularly, playing with two different numbers can lead to poor performance.

How to convert mouse sensitivity between Valorant and CS:GO

Is CS:GO and Valorant Zoom sensitivity the same?

Zoom sensitivity is nothing more than controlling the reticle when aiming. Weapon zooming changes sensitivity and behaves differently in CS:GO and Valorant. Both games have their own default zoom sensitivity values ​​that the player can freely adjust.

As I said before, the answer is math, just multiply Valorant’s sensitivity by (3.18). This will give you exactly the same sensitivity in CS:GO as long as you don’t change his DPI for the mouse. Congratulations, this is your new susceptibility and ready to rule the server.

Is higher DPI better for FPS?

Simply put, higher DPI makes a bigger difference. Most gaming mice check distance traveled about 1,000 times per second. This is also called the polling rate. Using a lower DPI than gamers check for mouse movement will ruin performance and accuracy.

Just select CS:GO as the game to convert from and enter CS:GO Sens and his current DPI. Then select Valorant as the game to convert to and enter his desired DPI.

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