How to Use Medina in Triangle Strategy

Medina will doubtlessly be the second healer you get in your Medina in Triangle Strategy party. She works uniquely in contrast to Geela. Her clinical capacities are attached to things as she needs to capacity to involve two things in a single turn, toss things further, and utilize mending things to more critical impact.

The thing about Medina is that involving her costs cash as you’ll need to purchase mending things continually. She ought to never supplant Geela as Concealing Omen work in Horizon Forbidden West has very little use other than utilizing things, particularly in the early game. Her twofold things ability additionally costs three TP, meaning you can utilize it sparingly except if Julio is her dependable friend.

The powerful House Wolffort consistently develops with each new part enlisted into its positions, turning into an authentic armed force by its own doing. Serenoa and his entourage aren’t strong, however, and they’ll require someone acquainted with restorative spices and salves to fix their injuries. Luckily, one clinical specialist specifically is prepared to offer her ability to House Wolffort-Medina Alliam. This is the way to enroll Medina Alliam in Triangle Strategy.

Medina doesn’t have a lot of purpose as an actual unit, yet you can involve mystical assaulting things for additional harm against foes. She has extraordinary speed and can work on her development by updating her weapon, yet every last bit of her other details are fairly Medina in Triangle Strategy. Her details and capacities set her in a one of a kind situation on the combat zone.

How to Use Medina in Triangle Strategy

For Medina Alliam’s personality story to show up on the world guide. You’ll have to arrive at Chapter V: Encroaching Darkness and a sufficient arrangement. The Medina in Triangle Strategy an incentive for Serenoa’s convictions. Try not to be frightened in the event that her personality story doesn’t spring up during Chapter V. As it will probably open up by Chapter VII assuming you keep on fortifying Serenoa’s convictions while playing through the fundamental story.

When Medina’s personality story has showed up, watch the short cutscene to look. Serenoa acknowledges her proposal of giving clinical guide to House Wolffort. Upon the scene’s decision, opening her as a playable person.

Medina Alliam’s abilities

As a specialist of medication, Medina uses her broad clinical information to expand. The viability of wellbeing recuperation things on the combat zone. Her underlying weapon is a blade, which she uses with careful accuracy to line up her partners. The capacity Double Items permits Medina to utilize 2 things on her turn. Providing her the capacity to be a strong healer insofar as you have helpful things close by.

Medina in Triangle Strategy

Also, the Long Toss inactive capacity expands her reach by three spaces while utilizing. A thing on her companions, meaning she can utilize HP Recover Pellets to recuperate partners from a protected distance. While her adequacy is marginally dependent on how well you keep your stock supplied. Medina in Triangle Strategy is a pleasant healer to have in your group assuming. That you incline toward utilizing things over enchantment!

Last Word

Eventually, Medina may not be the most ideal choice for a healer, particularly in the early game. Assuming that you really want a subsequent healer, purchase the recuperating things and convey her on the front line.

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