How to Get the Mechanic’s Best Friend Weapon in Fallout 76

The Mechanic’s Best Friend is an extraordinary variation of the line Mechanic’s Best Friend Weapon in Fallout 76. While the principal type of the Mechanic’s Best Friend was originally given to players as a compensation for completing a “Obliterate various types of robots” week after week task back in 2019, this rendition of the thing has since become heritage content, unfit to be obtained by any players who didn’t follow through with this responsibility while it was dynamic.

However, a second type of the Mechanic’s Best Friend is as yet obtainable, given that you have a final plan character that can serenely deal with itself in a battle. Another week implies another weapon to seek after in Fallout 76. This time around, the Mechanic’s Best Friend supports players’ scuffle weapon arms stockpile, gave they complete the important difficulties to obtain it. Here’s everything you really want to be familiar with how to get your hands on the Mechanic’s Best Friend Weapon in Fallout 76.

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They permit players to interact with the game mechanics and advance toward the finish to procure the Cattle Prod in Fallout 76. With every passage in the series, engineers add various classes of weapons to ensure players get an adequate number of assets to continue playing the game. Fallout 76 is likewise one of those games with a plenty of various weapon choices accessible.

How to Get the Mechanic’s Best Friend Weapon in Fallout 76

The Mechanic’s Best Friend may very well be the week after week weapon with the simplest arrangement of difficulties expected to obtain it up until this point. To the surprise of no one, you’re going to need to bounce into Fallout 76’s Survival Mode in request to finish them and get yourself this unbelievable wrench.

There are four difficulties in total that you really want to finish, every one tasking you with killing a particular kind of robot as follows: Assaultron, Protectron, Sentry Bot, Mr. Gutsy or Mr. Handy. Fortunately, these can be found around the Whiteprint Resort in the Forest locale. As they can be killed in however you consider fit, getting your hands on the Mechanic’s Best Friend won’t take throughout the entire that.

To the extent that details go, the Mechanic’s Best Friend bargains 30% more harm to robots, has 40% more power assault harm and awards +1 Strength. Additionally look at our Mechanic’s Best Friend Weapon in Fallout 76 aides on Alpha Deathclaw areas, where to find rad insects, and obtaining the Mr. Fuzzy Hat.

Where to find the Mechanic’s Best Friend

The ongoing cycle of the Mechanic’s Best Friend should be physically created at a weapon workbench, requiring the second level of the Makeshift Warrior perk card, as well as a shopping rundown of cog wheels, oil, steel, and a couple of Legendary Modules. Moreover, you should likewise have found and taken in the weapon plan for the Mechanic’s Best Friend, which can seldom be procured through a couple of means.

The most dependable technique for finding these specific plans is by completing Mechanic’s Best Friend Weapon in Fallout 76. From level 50 forward, Daily Ops culminations of Initiate Tier — within 16 minutes — or higher will acquire you something like one significant level prize roll. Of these undeniable level rewards, the Mechanic’s Best Friend plans are one of 41 things found within the interesting significant level prize table, which itself rolls at a half opportunity.

Mechanic’s Best Friend weapon in Fallout 76

As only one undeniable level award can roll each day, you’ll have to continue to sign in each day to retry the Daily Op until you get the drop you’re later. On the other hand, the roaming merchant Minerva can sporadically have the Mechanic’s Best Friend plans as a feature of her rotating stock in return for gold bullion, depending on when and where you find her. The plans themselves are likewise tradeable between players, meaning that you have a nonzero opportunity of finding them in player-run shops.

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