How to Maintain Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

Maintain vehicles in Tower of Fantasy you can for the most part get a mount of some kind in MMO games. In World of Warcraft, you get all that from ponies to cruisers. In Tower of Fantasy, you get vehicles of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Dissimilar to most MMO games, in Tower of Fantasy, you really want to keep up with your vehicle to keep it moving along as expected. Keeping up with your vehicle is significant, particularly to have the option to tweak it.

Before you can keep up with your vehicles, you first need to accumulate some support parts. There are a variety of support parts and every vehicle requires various parts. These parts are very difficult to acquire.

You commonly won’t have to stress over acquiring upkeep parts as you go through the game. When you have the parts, you can keep up with your vehicles by getting to the vehicle menu from the principal screen.

How to maintain vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

How to Maintain Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

All characters in Tower of Fantasy play various parts and characteristics. Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV There are various weapons too and among them, you can pick the five BEST weapons. In the event that you are new to the game and a piece confounded. Read Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide To Get Started and Top 30 Tower Of Fantasy Tips and Tricks.

When you get the primary vehicle which is Falcon. You will track down another part in your fundamental menu with the title ‘Vehicles.’ Here you will find every one of the vehicles that you will open in your Tower of Fantasy venture. You can utilize any of the opened vehicles by basically choosing it and squeezing ‘V’ which will prepare it for your personality right away regardless of where you are.

At the point when you have the fundamental parts you should go to the vehicle menu from the principal screen > pick the vehicle you need > select “Keep up with” on the right > select Maintenance to pick parts to expand the support level of your vehicle, which will permit you to alter the vehicle.

How to maintain vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

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