Lost Ark 10 Tips To Get Started

Lost Ark is a new MMO from Smilegate and Amazon Games, so if you really want to get the most out of it, here are some suggestions in this Lost Ark beginner’s guide that will help you a lot in mastering this incredible game.

Newcomers who have recently started playing Lost Ark may feel a bit odd. There are numerous features working at the same time, and grasping each one appears to necessitate the use of an owner’s manual. Veteran MMORPG players, on the other hand, may feel even more out of place because Lost Ark does a lot of things that other video games however do not.

While the game’s flow is excellent, there is no doubt that the game’s personalization possibilities, numerous classes, countless menus, and the vast globe of Arkesia may be overwhelming. Here are some very basic beginning tips and tricks to remember when playing Lost Ark. Furthermore, several aspects of Lost Ark can be dealt with later in the game, either at level 50 or during the climax. 

In this article, we have combined the 10 most basic and important tips that new players should be aware of because they will set the tone for the rest of the game.

Best Tips for Beginners

No one really wants to be faced with the possibility of getting to learn something new and becoming overwhelmed. Questions like how long is it going to take to arrive at the conclusion? Would I overlook something crucial? Would I make a mistake that I will regret for the rest of my life? may arise in your mind and fortunately, that is exactly why we are here: to assist you with your worries.

Lost Ark is a lovely game with something for everybody, and there’s not much you can do to waste your time because most of your work is saved on your server account rather than your character. You will make progress with whichever direction you may choose to concentrate. 

If you’re new to the game, you could feel overwhelmed by all the systems thrown at you. Here are the top 10 tips you should be knowing about.

Spending Cash Wisely and Engaging with an Objective

There are plenty of offers in the shop for a very brief period of time to attract even the most budget cautious players. The problem is that players won’t know if they’re purchasing anything worthwhile or just wasting money.

To get around these discounts, don’t buy something until you have reached level 50 and then play for a while. Gamers are likely to have a mount that is as good as or better than the “special” mount in the store. Due to popular interest, if it was genuinely a terrific deal, it will return.

Moreover, the number of experience points gained by killing opponents is incredibly low. Even if a devoted player kills every opponent on every map, he or she may not gain even one experience level from all of those enemies combined. That’s right, it’s that low. Thus,  don’t spend your time battling other enemies.

In addition, these additional battles will result in gear damage and health injections. Any possible gains are significantly outweighed by these losses. This time would be better spent trying to fish or searching the Adventurer’s Tome for certain creatures.

Upgrading Gear and Changing Classes

It is wise to invest resources in gears and then move those equipment levels to fresh gear. This is a procedure that will be used frequently in the endgame. It’s feasible to do it at initial levels as well, although it is not advised.

Furthermore, coping with obsolete equipment is already a process. When better gear is being picked up every hour or so, taking the time to convert these resources into newer gear is a waste of time. When picking up any found gear, the game is easily beatable. Wait till later to use this system.

Do you dislike the class that is being played? Restart the game! Lost Ark is not the type of video game where an agent can be leveled up in a matter of minutes with the assistance of a friend. It will take quite a long time to complete. There are a remarkable number of items that transfer from one character to the next, thus, don’t feel obligated to stick with one class if you want to switch.

It is because different players are attracted to different classes, each one is well-represented. You are not bound to play in response to a community need. It is worth it to play whichever class the player excels at over what someone else considers to be perfect.

Presets and Chain Skills

Switching abilities, gear, and card decks is as simple as pressing a button. Players are given two free presets in the game; take use of them. One  preset for taking out teams and another for taking out bosses will be available to pure DPS players.

This is something more crucial for support and tank players. It is recommended to have a DPS build if you’re playing alone. So, when it is time to form a group, simply press a few buttons and you will be available to assist a team right away.

Classes develop their individuality by chaining their abilities. Ranged classes can learn how opponent groups react when hit and prepare a set of skills to keep them at bay. Melee classes need to understand how bosses work and be willing to jump sides while attacking.

There is quite a lot of potential for exploration. There really is no right or wrong response, and unlike most MMORPGs, gamers can employ the abilities they enjoy the most. Simply supplement those abilities with others that work in a similar order.

Rapport NPCS and Adventurer’s Tome

To reach level 50, you will need several days of serious gaming and weeks of casual gaming. In  that period, gamers will encounter NPCs who are surrounded by hearts. These folks can be engaged with on a daily basis to build rapport.

To develop this rapport, give them gifts, utilize emoticons, and play them music. Make sure you know where they are and go back to see them every day. Getting a head start on this is a smart decision because the endgame will require a lot of building up of rapport with diverse characters.

Furthermore, at level 50, there are a plethora of activities to participate in. After hitting that point, players will be overwhelmed once more. Finding Mokobo seeds, chasing down top bosses, uncovering secret dungeons, and more might help relieve some of the pressure in the initial phase.

Make note of these in the Adventurer’s Tome (keyboard shortcut ‘N’). Getting each area to 100% is a large order and time-consuming task, but getting it to roughly 80% will reduce the amount of retracing later on.

Healing Potions and When to Utilize Them

The game is so popular that the developers had to install more servers to keep up with the demand. Each of these gamers will receive certain starter items, such as Phoenix Plumes and other health potions. It is deceiving to have them so early because they shouldn’t be handled until much later.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. It may be necessary to use a potion before venturing down in dungeons or against difficult bosses. However, these are primarily for late-game dungeons. They’re difficult to farm and craft. Allow them to accumulate in the inventory and remove them from the taskbars.

As we are talking about HP potions, don’t consume them just yet. Instead, utilize healing pills when you’re injured. They are the ones who, by default, heal a fixed number of points over time and are tied to F1. The more costly HP potions quickly heal a percentage of your total health. This means that HP potions remain helpful at high levels, whereas apprentice healing potions that restore 600 hit points become obsolete as your hit point total reaches the thousands.

Furthermore, while healing potions cannot be utilized in encounters, HP potions can. Therefore,  only drink that red juice if it says healing potion on the label when you’re leveling up, and reserve the HP potions for the endgame. It would be a lot easier if these two types of potions had more descriptive names, wouldn’t it? 

Main Quests and Side Quests

Quests are the most important factor in fast leveling up. Side quests as compared to main quests generally take less amount of time to complete. It would be an unwise decision not to take them, and the consequences of not doing so are disastrous as well. 

If you ignore the side quests, your character will be underleveled, making following quests increasingly difficult and, by the end, practically impossible to complete. The quests referred to as side quests are not “side” at all; they must be completed alongside the main story.

Pets Help You A Lot

It is important to note that pets are not just there to make the game attractive.Pets will gather items for you, which is extremely valuable by itself, and they will also grant slight battle benefits.

 Pets can also give you access to menus like storage, repair, and the market when you’re away from town if you have a crystalline aura active (a store purchase that gives you a month’s worth of bonuses and is essentially Lost Ark’s paid subscription). The first pet you will get is free and may be obtained by completing the Prideholme task Learning About Pets. It would start once you wake up later in a cutscene in the inn.

If you don’t find pets to be extremely adorable, there are options to disable them in the settings menu under gameplay. Players can even keep your own personal little guy visible while hiding everyone else’s pets.

The Ability to Fast Traveling

When you have unlocked triports, you can pay a tiny charge in silver coins to return to each one you’ve enabled. 

To fast-travel, you don’t need to be at a triport. You can do so at any moment by selecting a triport from the global map’s list on the left-hand side or directly on the map. By alt-clicking on the overlay map, you may accomplish the same thing. You’ll see your character take out their instrument, perform a tune, and then you will be gone.

Engraving and Special Abilities Stones

You will most likely receive a tutorial on this and then forget about it. It doesn’t come into play until you start gearing up your character for the endgame.

We would recommend that you leave all engraving chests unopened so that you don’t have to think about what you want.

Plus, they’re Roster-wide, so even if they’re bad for your current class, they will definitely work for your alt.

Roster Rewards

Combat Level and Roster Level are the two leveling systems used in Lost Ark. Combat Level is exclusive to your current character, whereas Roster Level is shared across all of your characters. Permanent stat increases are frequently awarded for increasing your Roster Level, but you must actively navigate to the Roster Menu to collect them. When you reach a new Roster Level, you’ll receive a message, however make sure you take the time to open the Roster Menu and take advantage of your new rewards.

Final Words

Lost Ark is an amazing game and players of all ages love playing this game. In the discussion above, we explored in detail 10 of the most important tips for beginners. These tips will ensure that newbies get a wonderful kickstart and gain some experience. These tips will greatly help players to know more about the game in the initial levels before advancing on to higher levels. If a player knows all these 10 tips, he/she will be in a better position to advance through the game’s higher levels compared to those who don’t know about these handy tips. 

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