How to Link Your Among Us Accounts

The new update of Link Your Among Us Accounts has presented to us a great deal of new happy like Roles, Cosmetics, and the new Account Linking highlight. An element permits you to blend your accounts across all stages. In today’s article, I will clarify how for Link your Among Us Accounts.

Another update for Among Us has shown up, and with it, a couple of new highlights have been added to improve the game. Assume you have previously played Link Your Among Us Accounts before the report on PC, control center, or cell phone. All things considered, you can now link your accounts between these various stages to keep your advancement, money, and bought beauty care products across every one of them. This is the way.

Among Us players can now link their record to various stages where the game is accessible. With the new things and evening out framework, delivered on Nov. 9, Among We players must have their record associated on each gadget they have the game on.

However, as expressed in Among Us Cosmetics in Fortnite Meeting article yesterday, players need to peruse in-game guidelines “cautiously,” with the goal that they don’t “overwrite” some unacceptable Among Us account.

How to Link Your Among Us Accounts

Account Linking is one the best component to be added to Link Your Among Us Accounts. It permits players to play on a solitary Account regardless of what stage they use. It likewise consolidates every one of the Accounts you have on different stages and keeps the entirety of the advancement, money, and beauty care products you had bought. Doing it’s anything but a troublesome undertaking yet whenever done mistakenly will prompt fiascos. You can lose the entirety of your in-game advancement and more regrettable your bought beauty care products. This is how you should Link your Accounts in Among Us.

Steps to Connect your Accounts

Right off the bat, open up the game on your gadget. Whenever that is finished, there will be a Red Crewmate on the top left of the screen with the Account word under it. Click on the Crewmate and you will arrive at a page about your Account Info. Next click on Link Account which is at the bottom of the page. Another window will spring up, it will request that you Reset your Among Us Account. Ensure you read the message prior to affirming the reset. When you click on the Reset Button, it will show you a window of Linking Existing Account. A site of Innersloth and a Code will be there on that window. Go to the site and duplicate the code from that window.

Presently you will see a page of the relative multitude of stages Link Your Among Us Accounts exists on. Select the one you need and enter your qualification. Subsequent to adding the certifications, it will request that you enter that code. Enter it and affirm. Whenever you have done that, your Accounts will get associated in Among Us.

This was about Account Linking in Among Us. Ideally, this guide has helped you in getting your number one beauty care products together. You can likewise really look at our aides on Setting Up Roles and Using A Controller in Among Us

Step One

In the first place, open up Link Your Among Us Accounts on any of the gadgets you play it on. In the top left corner, you ought to see a tab with a crewmate and the word Account on it. Press this tab, and a record window ought to open. At the bottom of this screen, click on the button that says Link Account.

Step Two

Link Your Among Us Accounts

Then, you ought to see a few windows spring up. Peruse them to comprehend that the ongoing record you are on will be reset to import information from your current record. Click Reset Account when you are prepared.

Step Three

Presently, another window ought to spring up. At the bottom of the window ought to be a URL and one of a kind code. The code in the above picture has been passed out. Input the URL into your internet browser, and it will take you to the website page for linking your current record.

Step Four

Link Your Among Us Accounts

At long last, look over the choices on the page to link your record likewise. Use the novel code that was given to you to get this going. Significant Note: Currently, there is no record linking accessible for Nintendo Switch players.

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