How to Join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

Join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy games are always better with a companion or two. In some cases, those companions are strangers you’ve not yet met. Many games execute frameworks that let players interface and play with others. They go by many names — organizations, free companies, clans.

To join a crew, you should initially be level 16. Then, at that point, bring up the menu and snap the Crew button. Click the name of the crew you might want to join, then, at that point, press the Request button to send an application. Alternatively, you can search for explicit clans to join and send your application that way. To leave a crew, just snap the Leave button on the crew’s Member screen. Note that assuming that you leave a crew, you should wait two hours prior to joining another.

As the crew leader increases the store’s level, the quality of things will increase. Finally, crew individuals will get a damage buff of 10% (capping at 30% lift) in the Frontier Clash mode. Since it is now so obvious how to join a crew, join and immediately start debating on the off chance that Tower of Fantasy is pay to win.

How to join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

How to Join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a gigantic RPG, however being a MMO, Magcore in Tower of Fantasy it is also a social encounter. For quite a while, joining an organization has been the debut social part of any MMO, putting you in a gathering of similar individuals looking to invest serious energy and exertion into the game. Tower of Fantasy’s form of a society is a Crew. This is the way you can join a Crew.

Before you can join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy, you should initially continue through the main story until you shut down the principal Omnium Tower. This will be just after winning the mini-tournament and not long before you set off on your huge adventure. As soon as the tower is closed down, another Crew choice will appear in your menu when you press Escape on PC or snap the top right symbol on portable.

In the Crew menu, you will see a rundown of crews available in the game. Make certain to glance through the rundown and read each depiction to understand what they are looking for. A few Crews are more focused on your commitment than others, so they could anticipate that you should be online one time per day — also, pay special attention to any even out prerequisites that they have set.

How to join a Crew in Tower of Fantasy

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