How to Get the Jetpack in High on Life

Would you like to know how to get the Jetpack in High on Life? High on Life is a first-person shooter game delivered on December 12, 2022, for PC, Xbox, and Xbox Series X/S. It is an outsider themed game where you really want to save the world from outsiders. one of the things you can obtain in the game is a Jetpack. This guide will let you know how to get the Jetpack in High on Life.

Along with a stockpile of profane weaponry, High On Life likewise concedes players admittance to a Jetpack to support traversing the game’s universe spanning levels. In this aide, we’ll walk you through High On Life.

Before you can buy the Jetpack, you’ll have to finish the Krubis and Douglas bounties. Upon returning to the house, Quality will set you the errand of buying a Jetpack.

High on Life includes a surprisingly vigorous arrangement of gadgets and capacities that redesign the player consistently. Using these headways through progress gives Equip Mods High on Life its unique play style that transforms it into a complex interactivity sandbox to praise its prearranged zaniness.

The jetpack is an essential tool that will lift the interactivity to its normal level. Spaces that were beforehand inaccessible are currently available for anyone, and battle gets a total redesign as the player drifts above foes and pounds them from new points. Knowing where and when to get the jetpack is fundamental to upgrading the abundance tracker.

What is The Jetpack In high on Life?

In this present reality, a jetpack is a gadget intended to impel through the air. However there have been a few efforts to make jetpacks that are accessible financially, they’re not too Jetpack in High on Life. However, many individuals find them exciting, and new exploration is continually being done to work on their plan. We probably won’t have the option to fly with jetpacks right now, yet it’s a fascinating invention and could end up being a unique advantage later on!

The Jetpack is one of the early things you can obtain in High on Life. However, to obtain the Jetpack, you should overcome Douglas and Krubis to qualify yourself to get Jetpack. Douglas and Krubis Bounties are accessible once you have crushed the 9-Torg. In the wake of beating them, Quality will let you know that you ought to get the Jetpack. So getting a jetpack seems like one piece of the game’s storyline.

How to Get the Jetpack

To obtain the jetpack, the player should initially finish three bounties. 9-Torg, Jetpack in High on Life, and Douglas should be in every way crushed with their bounties gathered from the Abundance 5000 machine in the living room. Once the third abundance has been gathered, utilize the Abundance 5000 to talk with City hall leader Clugg in his office. He’ll give admittance to the Human Shelter which is fundamental for finding another in-game mystery later on. For the time being, return to home base where Quality will guide the player to make a beeline for the Pawn Shop in Blim to obtain a jetpack.

Jetpack in High on Life

The Blim City Pawn Shop ought to be natural to the player at this point. Head right and up the steps and set out directly toward the counter straightforwardly in front of the entry to the shop. The jetpack is accessible for buy costing 999 pesos. It’s tragically on delay purchase, so the player should get back before it very well may be utilized.

Quality will advise the abundance tracker to get some truly necessary rest. Go up to the room and interact with the bed to begin a short cutscene. Upon waking up, the player will find themselves on the rooftop with the jetpack promptly installed. Time to test it out over the roads of Blim City.

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