Is A Casino License An Indicator Of Quality And Reliability?

Online gambling must always come with a method of preservation. Or at the very least, it must come with a way of being monitored for the safety of both the casino itself and its players. This is where the gambling/casino license comes in. The license is to make sure that this safety is upheld at the highest standards, or at least, to the standards of the law that governs the country it is. The license for the online casino True Blue is the Curacao Gambling License, which looks after this jurisdiction. However, does the license indicate if the casino is reliable and has high quality?

What is a License’s Role?

The purpose behind a gambling license is to regulate:

  1. Arcades
  2. Sports betting
  3. Bingo cards
  4. Land-based casinos
  5. Online casinos
  6. Gaming machines
  7. Software providers
  8. Lottery operators

Everything that falls under the definition of gambling must have a regulatory body behind it for supervision. Therefore, any legitimate online casino you come across will be regulated by a gambling license. The law and the rules must be followed for them to remain to function. If they do not have a license, they cannot operate at all.

Gambling laws are put in place to help protect people from numerous problems. Some people can get scammed by illegitimate businesses. This can lead to them losing money or having their personal details compromised. The government of jurisdiction will have its own gambling laws and how they handle things. In light of recent news, they may change this over time, making small adjustments to prevent further disruption. If the gambling establishment is under a license, they are legally obligated to follow these laws. If they don’t, then they could run into serious repercussions that can end in fines or confinement.

Does it Mean They are Reliable?

If an online casino is under a license, this means that they promise to uphold all of the gambling laws that exist in this jurisdiction. That means that players can be sure they are protected by law and the government to an even greater extent. This includes their financial information, personal details, gaming safety, and more. In addition, the law supervises the activities of the casino to be sure that every player is kept safe. They also regularly assess the casino to ensure security is updated and the normal procedures continue to run without fail.

In other words, you can rely on the casino to be safe to play on. The first sign of a casino’s reliability will always be the gambling license. It is there to be a beacon of security, almost as if it’s a warning sign to any potential scammers. If they choose to go to a casino that is licensed, they run the risk of getting caught and prosecuted by law. You can always find the name of a license at the bottom of an online casino site. Either their logo will be shown, or you can view the “About Us” section to have their full licensing details entailed.

Does it Mean it is High Quality?

While an online casino being licensed is always a good thing, many other factors go into how an online casino runs. The gambling license’s sole job is to ensure that the casino is safe and that you can gamble away with no fear of being scammed. Everything else is all entirely down to the casino and what they advertise. The game selections, the bonuses, the design, and the number of players. These factors are what makes an online casino truly great and give it the quality it needs to be a cut above the rest.

Unfortunately, this means that a gambling license does not ensure the casino’s quality. They may be safe and free from hackers, but the game selections may not be that varied. The bonuses may not give enough to convince you to come back. Safety and security do not always go hand in hand with entertainment. However, sometimes a well-known gambling license may only be bestowed upon the best online casinos out there. It may be considered the first sign of how well this casino operates and cares about the customers.

Examples of Gambling Licenses

There are two main gambling licenses that cover many areas of the world:

Malta Gaming Authority

This is a common name you will hear in the online gambling world. Also known as the MGA, this license has covered many areas in the European and western sectors. You can visit their website to see their full list of documents and comprehensive operators. In addition, they have an enforcement register that takes legal action for casinos to follow all laws that fall under the jurisdiction that they operate in. Recently they have launched their own “personal portfolio” on license management.

ICLG – Gambling Laws and Regulations

The ICLG is the most known gambling licence in Australia. This is because they cover almost all of the most common issues people run into when it comes to how gambling works in this country. This includes getting in touch with the regular authorities on the subject and upholding any legislation that has been taken in recently. Most online casinos and betting sites in Australia can apply for a licence through them, even if it means putting them through to another regulatory body. In total, the ICLG operates in 38 jurisdictions within this country.

What a Casino License Affects?

If there is something that can be affected by a casino license, it can be the payment methods. One of the main reasons why security is so important in gambling is protecting the money that comes and goes. A gambling license will be prioritising this kind of protection. So much so that it will even affect how many different types of payment methods will become available at the casino. If you like MasterCard or Visa, even these brands can be affected by choice of the gambling license. Depending on which one looks after, the casino will be the deciding factor.

For example, Google Pay does not operate in some countries as the local brand still has some dealings to do to make this service accessible. If the casino allows this kind of payment, the gambling license will have to be null and void due to the gambling laws. Banks will be affected by this the most, as they can directly impact the government. Make sure that the license and the casino itself support the payment methods you prefer. If you understand this criterion, you can look for casinos that accept payment methods more easily.

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