How to Upgrade your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock

Here, we will show you How to upgrade your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock. This My Time at Sandrock Workshop Guide will enlighten you concerning the different machines in general and articles that you can use to create things in the game, as well as how to augment your My Time At Sandrock Workshop Rank!

Your Workshop is your home, as well as your work area. You’ll get to name it at the beginning of the game, and you’ll have a little region to begin with. Over the long haul, you’ll need to investigate new machines to extend your creation capacities to make new things for commissions as well as gifts for the residents.

How to upgrade your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock

How to Upgrade your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock

Look close to the passage of Construction Junction to find Heidi’s work area. Here you will find a book named Construction Junction Manual. This will allow you to upgrade your workshop and move things around. For the time being, find the two bolts, as this is the choice to upgrade your workshop.

The expense and expected materials will increase as you continue to extend and upgrade your workshop and will require different materials too. Ensure you are stocking up on the expected materials so you can continue to upgrade your workshop and yard.

City Hall

To upgrade your Workshop, you’ll have to head into town itself. Close to the City Hall is the Construction Junction, claimed and oversaw by Heidi. Inside the store, you’ll find the till where you can purchase certain development materials that you’ll require, however to upgrade your Workshop and Assembly Platform Marble , you’ll have to search for the Construction Junction Manual. This manual is located close to the entryway of the building on the work area.

Opening his manual will likewise open a separate screen that gives you a higher perspective of your ongoing Workshop and accessible space. Here you can move your buildings around, placing them in additional profitable locations assuming you have the yard space to do as such. Assuming you’re looking to upgrade your greater buildings, you’ll have to search for the bend over bolt symbol. This will then permit you to get to the upgrade menu for your Workshop. For instance, the main upgrade will require the following materials:


The workshop is the player’s home and work environment, located on the edges of Sandrock. Before the player’s appearance to Sandrock, the workshop was operated by Mason, later retiring as the city’s only developer and releasing his responsibility for workshop to the player.

How to upgrade your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock


The more you upgrade your workbench, the more troublesome it will be to obtain the materials. To stay aware of the speed of the upgrades, you’ll need to investigate however much you can as frequently as you can from Qi. The mines produce numerous data circles — an excess — so make a point to clutch them for when more things are opened for research.

How to Get Clay in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is a game about gathering assets to fabricate structures. As you progress through the story, you’ll need to begin upgrading your machines to open new crafting recipes. One of the main things expected to upgrade is the Bloodstone Core, made using Bloodstones and Clay. This guide will give information on how to get Clay in My Time at Sandrock Early Access.

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