How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring

This article is about How to interpret weapon stats in Elden Ring. Assuming you’re new to Soulsbourne games, the sheer number of measurements to monitor can be overwhelming, particularly while deciding what weapons and safeguards to utilize. For what reason would you confirm or deny that you are ready to utilize Godrick’s Ax? What’s the significance here for a weapon to have “Protected Damage Negation”? Whenever you’ve sorted out some way to comprehend weapon stats in Elden Ring, you’ll have the option to do all of this from there, the sky is the limit.

How to Interpret Weapon Stats in Elden Ring

To begin, you may constantly choose the Help button on a detail screen (normally associated with Select or the two squares button on PC/Xbox) in the event that you failed to remember what the stats do. This will permit you to pick a measurement and more deeply study it.

How to interpret weapon stats in Elden Ring

Weight is the thing is says – how weighty your deadly implements are. Heavier weapons are more slow to chain assaults with, yet frequently come weighty harm or wide, sweeping assault reaches to redress. Besides, the heavier your total weight is influences your development and roll speed. Assuming that you’re under 30% prepare load, you can quick roll, 31% to 70% is a medium roll, and 71% to 100 percent is a weighty roll. In the event that you go more than 100 percent encumbrance, you can’t move by any means. Your development speed and sprinting likewise dials back the more weight you convey.

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Assault Power and Guarded Damage Negation

The Attack Power area indicates precisely how much harm your weapon will do, and the kind of harm it will inflict. In the model over, the Highland Ax will bargain 224 Physical harm, in addition to 164 extra Physical harm because of it’s Heavy subtype. This scales off of the Strength detail, which we will get into in the following area. However, you will frequently find weapons that bargain Physical harm as well as an extra essential sort, like Magic, Fire, Lightning or Holy. These components can assist you with dealing extra harm to foes feeble against them, or evade adversaries who are blocking your actual assaults as a whole.

Detached Effects

This segment only records the passives that apply to the thing being referred to. Albeit most of weapons and safeguards have no uninvolved impacts, probably the most impressive gear has. Whenever you prepare the Ant’s Skull Plate, it delivers a 90 percent toxin and red decay development – a minor cost to pay for an incredibly proficient safeguard that blocks 100 percent actual harm and a big part of any remaining essential harm.

Straight Sword

This essential blade type scales with strength and is a decent split the difference among harm and strength, with a scope of really great for slashing and thrusting assaults. Its effortlessness is to some degree supported by being ready to utilize pretty much every Ashes of War, meaning a scope of additional abilities can be utilized to mass out its generally plain hostile choices. The just one we’ve seen up to this point is the Longsword, which is by and large what it says – a straightforward, long sword. You’ll have some additional versatility with this choice yet you’ll presumably need a safeguard in your other hand to assist you with staying sufficiently close to cause harm without taking too many dangers.

Character Attributes

Character Attributes in Elden Ring alludes to the eight essential stats you will step up with Runes at different Sites of Grace found all through The Lands Between. Each Attribute will grade a wide scope of hostile and guarded abilities, even latent ones that can give you the edge in fight. Ascribes are the underpinning of your personality and permit you to fine-tune your personality.

How to interpret weapon stats in Elden Ring


Power is a characteristic that will raise a player’s wellbeing points and furthermore give a protection from fire harm. This trait will be ideally suit for the people who anticipate playing the Vagabond or an alternate wellbeing based class.


For those paying a caster class, increasing your Mind characteristic will be vital. Like Vigor for Health, Mind will increase your center points which can be spent to project spells.

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