How to get the Plague Doctor outfit cosmetic in Back 4 Blood

In this article we will figure out about How to get the Plague Doctor outfit cosmetic in Back 4 Blood. There are a wide range of cosmetics in Amazon Games‘ MMORPG, from covering and weapons to skins you can pay genuine cash for in the Store.

How to get the Plague Doctor outfit cosmetic in Back 4 Blood

One of the most well known bits of clothing is the Plague Doctor Mask, first found in one of the early alpha tests, with New World players going insane for it from that point forward. This is the way to get your hands on it.

How to get the Plague Doctor outfit cosmetic in Back 4 Blood

Getting the Plague Doctor skin in Back 4 Blood will take a smidgen of ideal timing and gathering Skull Totems. Along these lines, you should either claim the main extension for the game, Tunnels of Terror, or be playing with a companion. At the point when you enter Ridden Hives, you can gather up to three Skull Totems and need to escape with them for them to added to your record.

Plague Doctor skin

You can find the Plague Doctor skin in the Skull Totem Track of Supply Lines in the Fort Hope base. Sadly, this region is routinely revive over the course of the day, so you want to return consistently to find the skin even accessible. Before you can buy it, you initially need to purchase everything in line before it, so we suggest first focusing on the Skull Totems in light of the fact that the skin alone costs 13 Totems. The other things will take somewhere around 15, so to protect, we would suggest grabbing no less than 30 Skull Totems before you begin watching the Supply Lines like a falcon.

Where to Get the Plague Doctor’s Mask of the Occultist in New World

In request for us to get our hands on this great Plague Doctor’s Mask of the Occultist, we should be a piece of the Syndicate Faction and arrive at the Tier V position of Alchemist, which you can get accomplish by going out and doing however many Faction Missions as you can in request to acquire a few Reputation and completing the Trial of the Alchemist.

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Whenever you’ve turned into an Alchemist then you just converse with a Syndicate agent and really look at their products. You will require 30,000 Syndicate Tokens and 800 coins in request to get it. Do observe that the stuff is “Bind on Pickup” so don’t go thinking you can offer it or exchange it to a companion.

Where to Get an Entire Set of Plague Doctor’s Attire

For those of you who feel that simply having the notorious cap is lacking and you want to go for an undeniable Plague Doctors clothing then fortune has smiled on you as the entire set is accessible in the Syndicate Armory.

Each piece of the set accompanies an Empty Gem Socket, a lift to your Constitution, Corruption Resistance, and a little decrease to your cooldowns.

How to get the Plague Doctor outfit cosmetic in Back 4 Blood


Tokens are procured the same way as Reputation, so in the event that you’ve not spent any while climbing up the positions, you’ll have all that could possibly need.

Furthermore, temporarily, you can purchase a skin variant of the Plague Doctor Mask from October 26-November 15 as a component of New World’s Halloween 2021 festival by visiting the store. While it’ll slow down you 7,000 Marks of Fortune (the game’s top notch cash), it’s worth the effort to experience your inner unpleasant middle age dream.

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