How to Get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

We will find out How to get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2. A precursor can likewise drop from any chest or container that drops weapons. Chests include jumping puzzle chests, prison chests, supervisor chests, etc. Extra Chests from world supervisor occasions have a more noteworthy opportunity to drop extraordinary or precursor weapons than different sources, being introduced in the 26 February 2013 update.

How to get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

How to Get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

Obviously, such significant things aren’t not difficult to get, so there are a couple of stunts to obtaining the much-desired end-game stuff. While the more extravagant players of the game can basically buy their Legendries from the Black Lion Trading Post, they are frequently more than a 1000gold per weapon, and the covering isn’t available to purchase.

Precursor Weapons

Drops: Precursors must obtain as plunder drops whenever players have arrived at level 62 and over. However, its opportunity is still very low to obtain them. The most probable wellspring of gaining a Precursor comes from Bonus Chests obtained from different World Boss occasions.


The Heart of Thorns extension added the capacity to make your Precursors by going through assortment based forager chases. You’ll need to obtain Mastery Points that are just legitimate in the Central Tyria locale to open the crafting levels.

Endowment of Meguuma Mastery

This is a gift that considered as one of the fundamental part to make unbelievable weapon. With everything taken into account, to make one Mastery, you should art and combine different things in Mystic produce. Fundamentally, you will require one endowment of maguuma, one endowment of insights, one bloodstone shard, and 250 Crystaline Ingot. Yet again that it is, yet it’s anything but a simple mission.

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The endowment of maguuma authority, require a full guide consummation of the Heart of lofty position extension. Then again, the Gift of insight require 4 little presents that can bought from various shipper across the guide with the HOT cash. It is likewise worth knowing that every one of the four little gifts require the entirety of the HOT dominance.

Incredible weapons

There is still no video film of the other five incredible weapons in the set, yet this is quite possibly the earliest look fans have get the Aurene set in activity. A considerable lot of the weapons are shown off in detail, and a greater amount of the impact from swinging the weapon around should visible in the in-game film. Strides are additionally of comparative tone to the streaks while fighting, which look like a rainbow with each progression.

This weapon set is very different than in past assortments from different developments. Aurene’s unbelievable weapon set looks strong and appears to be comparable from one weapon to another.

How to get Precursor Weapons in Guild Wars 2

Spiritualist Forge

The Mystic Forge is an essential hotspot for outlandish precursor weapons, because of the formula that permits players to blend 4 bits of same-extraordinariness gear for an opportunity at more extraordinary and better hardware. Players get an opportunity to get a precursor weapon while combining four intriguing or outlandish weapons with a normal degree of 75 or higher.

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