How to get Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

This article is about How to get Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV. Attire is a choice under Gear in Final Fantasy XV. The attires worn by characters change how they outwardly show up in the field and in cut scenes that are not pre-delivered, however they likewise add unexpected impacts to the wearers.

How to get Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

These impacts apply after any remaining impacts, so in the event that other stuff increases the client’s maximum HP to another worth, attires that increase the maximum HP will increase by a rate in light of that new worth. Brief detail buffs are unaffected by attires. Attires extend while using part select and New Game Plus.

How to get Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

The best way to find the Archfiend Attire is to steal from the Archfiend Attire Coffer, which contains all the outfit pieces. You can obtain this by participating in the Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP during Series 1, the main PvP season added to the game, where all players will have Series Malmstones progress. You can see your Series Malmstones progress by opening the Character tab and visiting your PvP Profile. In the top right corner, you’ll see your Series Malmstones improvement bar.

At level 25, you’ll get the Archfiend Attire Coffer as an automatic award. You can advance through the series by participating in the game’s PvP matches. The more PvP games you play, the more you’ll step up through the Series Malmstones. Series 1 started at the send off of the Newfound Adventure update 6.1, and it will continue until the appearance of update 6.2, giving you a lot of opportunity to get the Archfiend Attire outfit.

Find Archfiend Attire in FFXIV

With the new 6.1 fix, one of the main central points was reworking PvP in FFXIV. A total retooling of PvP abilities for occupations, another leveling framework known as “Series Malmstones” and a pristine game mode called Crystalline Conflict. In request to get the Archfiend Attire, you’ll have to hit level 25 in your Series Malmstone for this season.

Think of it as a fight pass, each match will procure you experience which in turn steps up your Series. As you level you’ll acquire various prizes like Tower Crystals, acts out, and in the end, at level 25, the Archfiend Attire.

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Where to get the Archfiend Attire Set

The Archfiend Attire Set must obtain by reaching level 25 in the Series Malnstones fight pass. You can step up the battlepass by participating in any PvP game mode, however the new game mode Crystalline Conflict is the place where you’ll see the speediest lines. You’ll compensate 900 Series EXP for a Win, and 700 EXP for a misfortune so winning games will accelerate how rapidly you can get it.

How to get Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

Arrived at Level 25

In request to be qualified to get the Archfiend Attire in Final Fantasy XIV PvP profile, you will, obviously, need to take an interest in the game’s PvP. Obviously, this can take a ton of grinding, so be ready to invest a digit of time into this interaction. For any situation, when you arrive at Series Level 25, you can then guarantee the Archfiend Attire Coffer.

To do this, first go into your Character tab and from that point, check your PvP Profile. When there, click on the “Series Malmstones” button. Assuming you have arrive at Level 25, you will see that the Archfiend Attire Coffer has open.

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