How to Embezzle Money in BitLife

This article is about How to embezzle money in BitLife. BitLife is brimming with a wide range of arbitrary things that will occur, which expects you to test your understanding regularly. This is typically the situation with regards to certain errands that you want to finish in difficulties. A portion of these things you might have done previously, however when they are important for a test, you may be expected to surpass your cutoff points. Figure out how to get advanced by not working so hard by following alongside us in this aide.

How to embezzle money in BitLife

How to Embezzle Money in BitLife

After you have some work, you need to go to the Activities tab and look down to Crimes. Presently, with a task, you’ll have the choice to embezzle money from your work environment, taking assets from this foundation and adding them to yours. You’ll have a few choices of how much to take from them. We enthusiastically suggest doing modest quantities after some time and doing it steadily, as opposed to doing huge lumping totals. The bigger sums are a lot simpler so that your associates could see, and that implies it’s more straightforward for you to get found out.

Embezzling in BitLife

To embezzle money in BitLife, you simply need to have some work and afterward go to the Crime menu under Activities. You will find the Embezzle choice on the rundown. You can browse varying sums depending on your work. The higher the sum you pick, the more probable you will get found out!

Assuming you’re at an ordinary work environment, you won’t get all that amount cash-flow embezzling. To make a great deal, you will need to have some work as a Banker. This should be possible by attending University and completing a degree in some sort of related field. Search for it under in the Jobs area and you ought to have the option to get it quite without any problem.

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How to Embezzle, Rob Banks, emigrate, run from police and change name

In the current week’s test, fundamentally, you are becoming a significant level con artist. The main errand expects you to embezzle money from work. For this, you really want to initially ensure that you have a steady employment, to begin with. Continue to buckle down through your school and you will ultimately find a steady employment. When you have a steady employment you can just go to the wrongdoings area and tap on embezzle to begin taking assets from your work. Ensure you don’t embezzle large chunk of change immediately else you will be gotten.

The following undertaking again expects you to take money, yet this time it is from a bank. BitLife permits you to pick a plenty of stuff with regards to planning your theft, so pick shrewdly. It could take some time, however you will ultimately decipher the code. At the point when you are doing these things, you will get an opportunity to run from the police. Then again, you can do another wrongdoing and afterward run from the police when they come after you.

How to embezzle money in BitLife

How does embezzlement function in Bitlife?

Embezzlement. Your personality might take money from their working environment and the sum they might want to take. They should live it up task to perpetrate this wrongdoing. They may likewise embezzle from the military assuming that they are in it.


Go into the Activities tab, then, at that point, pick Crimes, look until you see the Embezzle choice. From that point, you really want to trust you don’t get found out. You get to pick how much money you wish to take and what way you wish to utilize, and it depends on you. It’s ideal to do a couple of embezzlements over the long run, rather than one huge aggregate. Since you want to gain such a lot of cash, there’s no damage in taking a couple of years to do this accomplishment.

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