How to do a Grab Combo in WWE 2K22

This article is about How to do a grab combo in WWE 2K22. Assuming you’re simply diving into WWE 2K22 and as yet getting accustomed to the new controls, it may take an opportunity to find the right timing for the new combos framework.

In this WWE 2K22 Combos Guide, we have details on how to convey all the various sorts of combos in matches when you want them most.

How to do a Grab Combo in WWE 2K22

Before we get into the grab combos, we should just rapidly bypass what a combo is in WWE 2K22. As one would expect, a combo involves various successive (2-4) button inputs. These inputs, when assembled, make up a whirlwind of moves, including light and heavy attacks, that can do a genuine damage to opposing grapplers.

How to do a grab combo in WWE 2K22

The main combos that clients in WWE 2K22 need to get to know are light, heavy, and grab combos. All three have a similarity: each end off with a special button. What do we mean by that? For example, light combos involve various button inputs that end off with one or the other X (for Xbox) or Square (for PlayStation). Heavy combos end off with A/X.

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How to do Light, Heavy, and Grapple Combos

Assuming you’re actually getting used to the WWE 2K22 Controls, don’t be afraid to invest some energy in the game’s tutorial which will provide you with a decent outline of things going in.

However, even with that it very well may be challenging to make WWE 2K22 Combos work for you in a match when things are on the line.


  • Initiate Carry (After Pressing Square to Grab): R1 + Left Stick
  • Interrupt into Carry (While Performing a Qualifying Grapple): Press R1
  • Environmental Attack: Press Square From Carry
  • Slam: Press Cross From Carry
  • Throw Over Ropes/Off Stage: Press Circle From Carry
  • Escape Carry (As Defender): Tap Circle Repeatedly
  • Change Carry Position: Right Stick any heading
  • Powerbomb: R1 + Left Stick Up
  • Cradle: R1 + Left Stick Down

How To Reverse and Perform

New control changes in WWE 2K22 include another Grapple framework and Combo framework, as well as various inputs to perform finishers and signatures. The reversals framework has been totally revamped, and the restricted reversal stock has been taken out. There is another ability to “Square” strikes, as well as a new “Dodge” mechanic. The pin and kick-out controls have also been changed.

Beneath you find all the inputs expected to perform Finishers and Signatures, Reversals, Strikes, Grapples, Submissions, Carry and Drag moves, use Weapons, and the full WWE 2K22 Controls Scheme. The changes in the WWE 2K22 control conspire compared to the one in WWE 2K20 are marked with NEW.

How to do a grab combo in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One controls

  • Move: L
  • Light Attack: X
  • Heavy Attack: A
  • Signature: RT + X (when provoked)
  • Finisher: RT + A (when provoked)
  • Payback: RT + Y (when provoked)
  • Accommodation: RT + B
  • Pin: R-Down
  • Reposition Opponent: R-Left, R-Right
  • Raise Opponent: R-Up
  • Change Target: R3
  • Grab (Grapple): B
  • Light Grapple Attack: X (after Grapple, alter with L)

How to perform Breakers in WWE 2K22

Be on the watch for your Stun meter above your character. In the event that it tops off and you are paralyzed, you can not perform Breakers, and it may leave you open to a Signature Move or Finishing Move.

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