How to Complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2

This article is about How to complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 has included numerous extraordinary missions all through its life expectancy. Vox Obscura is the most recent colorful mission and should completed to gain the new fascinating named Dead Messenger. This guide will run you through how to complete Vox Obscura fascinating mission.

The principal thing to note about Vox Obscura is that it’s an occasional mission that opens not long after finishing the initial not many strides for Operation Elbrius. This occasional mission can begun by visiting the H.E.L.M table, and you should buy period of the Risen to begin it.

How to complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2

How to Complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2

The Vox Obscura Exotic mission is the furthest down the line story beat to investigate Empress Caiatl and her Cabal in Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen. It likewise accompanies another Exotic projectile launcher, Dead Messenger, as a compensation upon finish.

While players get the journey from the get-go in Season of the Risen-after Operation Elbrius at the H.E.L.M’s War Table-the prescribed level to handle it is at the delicate Power cap of 1550. It might require some investment for players to arrive at that milestone, yet gatekeepers 10 levels beneath can in any case beat Vox Obscura, particularly assuming they bring along a squadmate or two to help. However the Psion defectors in Vox Obscura can crushed performance, a full fireteam will have a lot more straightforward time on this journey.

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Suggested Loadouts

However, the main required piece of your armory is a weapon fit for stunning Unstoppable Champions. In Season of the Risen, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, and Glaives all have occasional mods fit for doing this, however your decisions will shift depending on the occasional meta.

How to get the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2 in brief

Here is a speedy summary of the means expected to obtain Dead Messenger:

  1. Play the Witch Queen crusade and complete The Investigation mission
  2. Select the Rising Tension journey
  3. Complete stages 1-7 of Operation Elbrus to open the Kill the Messenger journey
  4. Go to the Vox Obscura mission
  5. The last advance specifically – the Vox Obscura mission – is a challenging one, and will require a leveling to survive.

How to complete Rising Tension in Destiny 2

Dead Messenger is lock behind two other questlines, the first is Rising Tension. Rising Tension opens after you complete The Investigation, an introductory mission that sends you to Savathun’s Throne World for a short experience with a spy of sorts named Fynch.

How to complete Vox Obscura in Destiny 2


However, while these couple of straightforward advances might open the Vox Obscura mission, you are a long way from prepared to take it on. That is on the grounds that the suggested light level is the delicate cap of 1550. Assuming you complete the mission on its Destiny 2 Legendary trouble, this will bounce you up to 1520, however you’ll have to take part in a portion of the final stage content, like The Wellspring, to get that light level up.


  • Vox Obscura Mission Unlocked
  • Witch Queen Campaign Completed
  • Power Level 1520+ Power Level

Breaking in to the Psion base on Mars

Head down the slope and hack into the way to accomplish section to the again wing of the bottom’s shed.

However, obstruction inside these corridors will likely confined to a modest bunch of Psions and Scorpius turrets, which shouldn’t current an extreme measure of an issue in your choice to the parking sound of three Interceptors. Hold onto one of numerous obtainable Interceptors and utilize its guns to obliterate the undeniable divider, making an improvised exit into The Barrens.

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