How to Complete Treasure Hunts in Weird West

This article gives you information about How to complete Treasure Hunts in Weird West. Treasure Hunt is a kind of precedural-produced side mission that involves acquring a treasure map and going to the indicated area to uncover a hill reserve.

Treasure maps are haphazardly plundered from foes or containers, and reading the guides would arbitrarily produce ‘Hidden bonanza’ areas on the Weird West guide. In some cases adversaries drop Profane Treasure Maps which require Profane Linguistic Affliction moved by Constance Driftwood in request to interpret.

How to complete Treasure Hunts in Weird West

How to Complete Treasure Hunts in Weird West

To begin a Treasure Hunt, you’ll need to initially get a Treasure Map from fallen human foes or cases. None of the guides have explicit areas, so it is ideal to simply continue looting dead bodies until one shows up. When a Treasure Map is added to the inventory, you’ll then, at that point, have the option to go to a new “Hidden bonanza” area on the guide – featured by a question mark symbol (as shown beneath).

Once inside the area, you can follow the waypoints that lead to a “X” in the ground. This is the place where you can dig to find treasures, like Golden Aces of Spades, Nimp Relics, Gold Bars, and even weapons. The Golden Aces and Nimp Relics are key things that ought to without a doubt get, as these are basically monetary forms that award new advantages and capacities. Furthermore, the people who find Gold Bars can take them to a Blacksmith to help the harm of any weapon.

How to Find Secret Stash in Weird West

Since treasure hunts are altogether procedurally-created, no one can really tell how and where you will get one. Be that as it may, there are a couple of where these journeys spring up more much of the time, and they are: Treasure maps dropped by the mobsters.

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Looting containers

When you get and peruse the treasure map from one of these spots, you’ll receive a message about the dynamic treasure chase, which will put a question mark symbol on your reality map.

Profane Treasure Maps

There are likewise extraordinary Profane Treasure Maps that can haphazardly drop by foes. Be that as it may, these guides must open Constance Driftwood, one of the playable characters in Weird West, who possesses the Profane Linguistic Affliction capacity, which is expect to peruse these sorts of guides.

How to complete Treasure Hunts by finding the Secret Stash

Before you can search for these secret plunder, you’ll initially have to check the carcasses of the crowds that you’ve killed. In certain instances, they may be carrying a treasure map.

How to complete Treasure Hunts in Weird West

Check the guide and you ought to see an area with a question mark symbol. The portrayal would agree that that it’s for a Secret Stash. Accordingly, you’ll need to advance there. After arriving at the area, feel free to eliminate the baddies nearby.

Brilliant Ace of Spade

According to the sheet and the side mission’s targets, you want to visit the grave of a non military personnel called Wayne. After arriving at the area, you ought to find two coyotes close to the grave, and two fugitives on the left half of the guide. Dispatch these various gatherings, and you ought to allow to uncover the graves. Find the one called Wayne Seager, and on the burial ground to one side of the zone as you load in, and you ought to get a Golden Ace of Spade when you uncover the carcass.

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