How to Complete the Tribe Apart side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

This guide will show you How to complete the Tribe Apart side quest in Horizon Forbidden West. Peruse on to become familiar with the quest targets, methodologies, area, and compensations for completing the A Tribe Apart Side Quest.

How to Complete the Tribe Apart side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

You will no doubt find this quest through talk at one of the numerous settlements around the area. Begin the quest by going to the region on the guide above. It is southwest of Barren Light and close to the Carja Camp in No Man’s Land. Whenever you show up at the cavern, you will be welcomed with a cutscene in the wake of talking to the gathering.

How to complete the Tribe Apart side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

After the cutscene, follow Sokorra through the cavern. The way that you follow will bring you down the slope to the water. Cross the waterway and follow Sokorra into Riverwatch. There will be a great deal of machines inside. Take them out. It will be two Burrowers and two Glinthawks. After the battle, converse with Sokorra.

Utilize the Shieldwing to Glide to the Tower

Going up to the Tower expects you to scale the stone face behind the whole building. When you arrive at the top, drop and skim using the Shieldwing.

Horizon Forbidden West A Tribe Apart Walkthrough

A Tribe Apart is a Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West (HZFW). This walkthrough will direct you through all targets of the A Tribe Apart side mission.

  • Area: Stone’s Echo
  • Quest Giver: Jaxx
  • Quest Level: Level 15
  • Necessity: None, find the quest start in the open world
  • Reward: 3750 XP, 2 Skill Points, Tenakth Vindicator Face Paint

Mission Info: An Utaru, Jaxx, tries to help a crew of Tenakth who are far from home. However, Tenakth are risky to approach without reinforcement.


  • Follow Jax/Enter the Cave
  • Follow Sokorra
  • Go to Riverwatch
  • Kill the Machines
  • (Discretionary) Talk to Jaxx and Sokorra
  • Find an Entrance to Riverwatch/Pull the Metal out of the Wall/Enter Riverwatch
  • Plunder the War Chest
  • Find Jaxx and Sokorra/Kill the Machines
  • Converse with Jaxx and Sokorra/Return to Eagle Squad

Plunder the War Chest

Head into the back right divider and utilize the stepping stool to arrive at the upper level of the design. Continue working your direction to the top of the design. Search for a hanging stage and shoot the ropes holding it up to make it drop into the building underneath. Go to the annihilated segment of the building and take out the goliath block using your Pullcaster. Drag it to a close by block facade under a climbing stake. Head up and follow the way to arrive at the top of the tower. Open the reserve at the top and plunder the provisions.

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Follow Jaxx

Follow Jaxx to the cavern where the Tenakth are presently set up camp in. He will take you through the ravine to arrive. The excursion isn’t long and you should go by walking.

How to complete the Tribe Apart side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Enter the Cave and Speak with Sokorra

When you get to the cavern, enter and you will be welcomed by a Tenakth fighter named Sokorra. She will let you know that the camp has a place with the Eagle Squad and that Aloy and Jaxx are not invited.

Jaxx intervenes before things get too aggressive and request a conference with them. Sokorra permits it and notes that Jaxx knows a great deal about the Tenakth ways for being an Utaru.

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