How to Complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest in Lost Ark

In this article we will show you How to complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret quest in Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret is a secret quest in Lost Ark. Completing it will assist you with getting more insight and some great quest rewards.

In Lost Ark, there are many quests that will just beginning in the wake of dropping the right thing. A portion of these quests take players to stowed away places to find treasures.

Dalian Orchard Secret is one of those, and is a movement you can do without anyone else.

How to complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret quest in Lost Ark

How to Complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest in Lost Ark

You’ll need to travel northeast of the Sien Inn Triport in Flowering Orchard. From that point, you’ll find a little region with a shed that you can enter. We’ve marked the region beneath.

When you enter the marked orange zone at the entryway of the shed, you can enter and converse with the NPC to complete the quest. You can guarantee the compensation by hitting the button over your quest list on the right side.

This quest is completely discretionary, so you can forsake it and spotlight on the main story instead in the event that you need.

Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret region area

From that point, the Rambutan Orchard Secret region area is in Flowering Orchard. To find it all the more effectively, you can magically transport to the Sien Inn mount and go west until you find a little decline. Descending it will take you to a little cabin with a glowing circle on the ground.

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Rambuntan Orchard Secret prizes

By completing ‘Dalian Orchard’s secret’ quest, you procure insight, list insight, silver, and an Epic Battle Item Selection Chest. This contains an assortment of fight things from which you should pick just one.

How to begin Dalian Secret Orchard

Make a beeline for the Flowering Orchard part of the guide, west of Sien Inn, and begin fighting Orchard Keepers. One of them will ultimately drop a unique thing, Connie’s OrchardKey.

Where to find secret region in Dalian Secret Orchard

Magically transport, or walk in the event that you’re close, back to the Sien Inn region, and head due west along the street. Toward the end is a little cabin you can enter. Talk with Marco inside, and he’ll take care of you to keep you close-lipped regarding the illegal moonshine business he’s running as an afterthought.

You’ll get:

  • 18,000 XP
  • 720 Roster XP
  • 2,900 Silver

Battle Item Chest

Furthermore that is it. Marco shows up later in Blackrose Chapel for a story mission, however there’s no change to your interactions with him whether you complete the secret mission or not. This is only a speedy detour to add some tone to your time in the Orchard and capture a few gifts all the while.

Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest-How to Complete?

To get the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest, begin from Sien Inn. From the Inn, begin walking straight towards the northwest. When you arrive at the Flowering Orchard, you’ll get the Connie’s Orchard Storage Key, and this quest undertakings players to find out the secret region in the plantation. This is somewhat convoluted in light of the fact that this quest doesn’t direct players with waypoint.

However, that is not a major issue. Players should take a gander at the guide underneath, and it’ll mark the rough area of the point of interest with a red dab. As you arrive at the area, you’ll get another errand to complete: to converse with the NPC named Moonshiner Marco, who is exactly at the contrary side of the entryway. When you interact with the NPC, your quest will be completed, and you’ll get a lot of XP, Silver, and a Battle Item Selection Chest.

How to complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret quest in Lost Ark

How to Go to the Secret Area in the Dalian Orchard

Fans that are searching for the secret region in the Dalian Orchard are encouraged to reference the guide that is underneath, as it features the exact place of the area of interest. Indeed, there is an entryway at the spot that is marked with the red speck, and Lost Ark players will get another quest unbiased as they approach it. That new goal is to converse with Moonshiner Marco, a NPC that can be tracked down past the entryway.

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