How to Change Age in Among Us

In this aide, you will get to know how to change age the Among Us. It is valuable, and you will partake in your game.

After the new update, numerous players can’t use the Free Chat include because of the age entryway. This guide will assist you with changing the age in Among Us provided that you are a versatile player. It won’t be useful for you assuming you are a user of PC or Steam that how to change age the Among Us; your record information gets saved. You can get to the Quick Chat in the event that you are 18 years of age or under 18 years. In the event that you are a grown-up or over 18 years of age, you can get to Fix Chat and Quick Chat.

How to Change Age in Among Us

  • Go to “C:\Users\”Your Name”\AppData\LocalLow\InnerSloth\Among Us\playerPrefs”. You really want to empower stowed away documents and organizers to have the option to see it.
  • Rename the playerPrefs document to playerPrefs.txt.
  • Open with Notepad and you will see a date there. Supplant the date with your ideal date.
  • Save the document and eliminate the “.txt” augmentation by renaming it.

How to Change Age in Among Us

What is speedy visit in Among Us?

With the introduction of the speedy talk highlight, Among Us makes it very simpler for players to discuss in the game. The speedy talk comprises of various pre-defined messages which players can send while in the game. These speedy talk messages comprise of area info, questions, and substantially more. However, there is a trick. While different players can without much of a stretch toggle between speedy visit and free talk, it ought to be noticed that players under 18 years old can not use the free talk any longer.

With the coming of this component, the normal chatting choice has become more hard to get to. Users who are younger than 18 can visit through how to Quick Chat in Among Us and can’t use the ordinary talk box to compose anything they desire. Accordingly, many individuals are wondering assuming there’s a method for changing the previously enlisted age. Fortunate for them, there is an answer of how to change age the Among Us. Changing age on Among Us isn’t quite so troublesome as it appears. Follow this bit by bit tutorial given underneath to do as such –

Empower stowed away documents and envelopes on your versatile.

  • Go to “C:Users/Your Name/AppDataLocalLowInnerSlothAmongUsplayerPrefs”.
  • The user will actually want to get to a document. Change the name of the document from playerPrefs record to playerPrefs.txt.
  • Following stage is to open the record on Notepad, user information will be available there.
  • Date of birth will among the choices. Change the date previously stored to the ideal date.
  • Save the document and eliminate the “.txt” augmentation that was previously added to alter the record.

How to change age in among us steam?

The primary thing is that you want to make your age more noteworthy than 13 years of age to play among us with free talk and the second is that you must make a record in among us to use the free visit.

Indeed. I realize you are here because you didn’t think of it and placed the arbitrary age in among us steam. This tutorial is to change the age in among us steam. Previously, I created an article concerning how you can change age in among us pc. In any case, after the aircraft map update how to change age the Among Us, many commenting it isn’t working. You can also read about How to Increase Kindness Persona 5 from here.

So after all I got an answer that works for myself and expectation it likewise works for you too. I heard that in the wake of changing an age it automatically gets once again to something very similar and the technique I gave isn’t working on steam.

How would I change my age on Among Us versatile?

  • Steps To Change Age In Among Us On Android
  • Stage 1: Open Settings. From the beginning, you really want to go to the settings of your versatile or android.
  • Stage 2: Open Application Manager. Presently you really want to find an application manager or on a huge number, “Applications”.
  • Stage 3: Find Among Us. …
  • Stage 4: Clear Data. …
  • Stage 5: Change Age.

For what reason does Among Us request date of birth?

On the off chance that you can’t type in the talk in Among Us, the explanation is that your date of birth has been picked in a manner which doesn’t permit it. Essentially the fast talk include in the game is reliant upon your age.

How to Change Age in Among Us

How To Change Age In Among Us with Few Simple Steps

Since there is an ascent popular to know how to change age in Among Us particularly amongst the portable users, we have absorbed the means for how to change age the Among Us versatile. Given underneath are the means to change age in among us versatile

You will initially have to empower the secret documents and organizers on your portable.

  • Presently go to the “C:Users/Your Name/AppDataLocalLowInnerSlothAmongUsplayerPrefs”.
  • Here you will actually want to get to a record.
  • Presently change the name of this record from playerPrefs document to playerPrefs.txt.
  • Presently you should open this record on Notepad
  • You will find user information here which you can now alter
  • Date of birth will be one of the choices.
  • Change the date here
  • Save the record
  • Guarantee that you eliminate the “.txt” augmentation

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