GTA Online: 10 Best Helicopters & How Much They Cost

This article is about GTA Online: 10 Best Helicopters & How Much They Cost. Maybe the most famous present day component in the Grand Theft Auto establishment, it’s Grand Theft Auto Online that let GTA fans revel in a little glimpse of heaven – become a strong lawbreaker and head their criminal domain, this time with companions.

Set in the made up territory of San Andreas, GTA Money Online eases up to 30 players investigate an open world that allows players to start their excursion as a juvenile crook and work their direction into turning into a strong power to deal with.

GTA Online: 10 Best Helicopters & How Much They Cost

GTA Online: 10 Best Helicopters & How Much They Cost

Assuming you’re attempting to sort out which is the best helicopter in GTA Online, you’ve arrived perfectly located. We’ll cover which ones merit the cash and what does every one of them does best. We should start!


The Akula is the best vehicle in the Helicopters class in GTA 5 and GTA Online by generally execution. However, it can’t be utilized in standard races.

The tried maximum velocity of the Akula is 157.25 mph (253.07 km/h). It’s a weaponized vehicle, and it accompanies Stealth Mode, which permits you to go off-radar, so different players won’t have the foggiest idea about your area. It’s additionally shielded and it requires 3 Homing Missiles to be obliterated.

The Akula can buy in GTA Online from Warstock Cache and Carry at a cost of $3,704,050, and it very well may put away in the Hangar (Personal Aircraft).


As indicated by Broughy1322, the Sparrow has a maximum velocity of 168.75 miles each hour. This makes it the quickest helicopter in GTA Online.


The Savage is a tactical gunship with quick shoot explosives. It can utilize guns or rockets to impact away adversaries. However, GTA Online players need to manage more slow speed increase. Fortunately, players can utilize it for their potential benefit. In this aeronautical artifact, they can point all the more cautiously at approaching targets.

FH-1 Hunter

However. It might just situate two, yet with how much fire-power it has available to its, the FH-1 Hunter implies that you needn’t bother with any in-game companions, or genuine ones besides, to possess the skies. Tied with two Gatling weapons and enough rockets to make Donald Trump jittery, the FH-1 Hunter is the ideal instrument for resulting in obliteration on a legendary scale any place you go. Furthermore, it’s not only how much gore that this helicopter does that is so noteworthy in light of the fact that when the eyes of the police are on you, you can get the damnation out of avoid at 160 mph.

GTA Online: 10 Best Helicopters & How Much They Cost

The Frogger

I know, I know… Why add a helicopter to this rundown which barely anybody utilizes, correct? However, truly.. in spite of the fact that I think many (veteran) players barely utilize this chopper any longer you actually can’t deny the way that it tends to be an exceptionally supportive vehicle for new(er) players. Too: it’s free for any individual who got themselves the Criminal Enterprise starters pack, and I believe there’s a valid justification for that.

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